Thursday, May 6, 2010

So Many New Works from So Many Hands...

Wow what a wonderfully blessed busy day it was in the shop today!!! Lots of new faces and many many of our favs popped in today!
We had tots shopping for Mama for Mothers Day and school kids shopping for Teacher Appreciation Week gifts, always a lot of fun when kids are in the shop!!!

Had the added blessing of cuddling a lil one while Grandma paid for her purchases...ahhh nothing like the smell of a baby is there????

Below I am sharing a smattering of pictures of new items that have just arrived within the last couple days.....and some...well... they are already sold!!!
Like I said we are soooo blessed!!! Take a peek below...

More amazing dolls from Works of Our Hands....

This is the Herb lady.... another wonderful doll from Cindy and Gail...

Above and below more beautifully detailed handcrafted wool pillows
from Cindy and Gail...

This angel is absolutely beautiful!
Her clothing was made from vintage items and she has such a dainty and delicate feel....
and she flew off to her new home today......

The neat prim bench below was made by Darrell,
pillows on it are from Faye, Cindy and Gail...

Sampler by Tammy, grungy dolls by June...

This vignette below sits on a neat handcrafted bench from Terry C. too...

The pictures I took below just don't do this new cabinet justice!
Jenn created this one in-house and its wonderful, from the style, size and shape to the details on the door to the vintage handle, just awesome.
Jenn makes the most beautiful furniture! No wonder she is always swamped with special commissioned orders!!!! Her craftsmanship shows!

This lil prim hen, chicks and eggs are all from Tammy, and the handcrafted walnut market basket comes from the Reed family....awesome....

Since everyone's favorite local florist closed we have been picking up more floral orders, including prom flowers, bridal flowers, cemetery arrangements as well as others.
We recently bought out a truckload of flowers and probably have at least a dozen of any type of color flower you could imagine. We are getting ready to do some remodeling to make more room for the addition of an expanded floral dept and you will see many changes real soon!

Neat lil cabinet with re-purposed shutter door front made by Darrell,
nice size piece, could suit many purposes.

This sweet lil doll/pet bed made by Terry C. and mini quilts
and pillows by Kathy and Tammy are sooo sweet!
They would make a great addition to anyone's home!

Large handwoven hamper from the Reed family,
with one of Junes grungy bunnies on top
nestled next to some tissue wrapped posies...

The picture below is one of a few framed vintage advertisements
created and framed by Tina. This one features Victrola's!

Better stop in soon for your Mothers Day gifts.
As always we gift wrap free, and offer gift certificates everyday!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Shop in Local Paper

Our shop was mentioned in a story today in our local
paper. The link follows...

Check it out!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet New Stuff and BIG Sidewalk Sale

Hello folks! We received some more new hand crafted items in yesterday and today so I thought I would share just a smidgen of the items below.

Grungy prim hankie with embroidery by Tammy.

Love this primitive green tool box!

This neat hen party of a a sign painted by my daughter in law Kelly is too cute for words!

This lil mini is so small it can perch on a bobbin!

More treasures from Cindy and Gail! Including this mountaineer pillow!!!! Love it!!!!! After all our Mountaineers did make it to the FINAL FOUR!!!!!

Gail did a beautiful job on this angel!

Love this patriotic pillow by the gals too!

What a motley crew this is!!! This batch of dolls by various makers have been grouped in the big claw foot tub just waiting to go home with someone during our big sale this weekend!
They are all half price! Shhhhh... don't spoil the surprise!!! ;)

You can almost smell dinner cooking....

How about this vintage French porcelain canister set?

Last but certainly not least a pillow from Cindy and Gail with an original poem stitched on it.


We will be having a huge sidewalk sale this weekend!
We are moving a lot of furniture items out onto the sidewalk that have been in storage and are overstock that just wont fit on the sales floor!
Better stop in soon before all the bargains are gone!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Even More New Treasures

I know I know I'm offline for months on end then I make two posts in the same day!
Crazy aint it???
LOL! I guess I'm just like that!

I just had to share some more new items that have recently arrived!

We have some of the most talented artisans in West Virginia making items for our shop and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them!

Look at the pictures below and see if you don't agree too!

Check out this hand made doll from Tammy! She is awesome!
Love the nails in her head!

New local artisan Roy brought in these neat little stools.

Jenn our in-house furniture maker reincarnated this piece and its awesome! Jenn makes some awesome pieces!
And she is currently working on several large commissioned pieces!
Our customers looove her work and want it in their homes!!!

This cute lil bench made by Roy has already been snapped up!

This neat prim cabinet was made by Roy and just arrived!

This vignette includes items made by Teresa, Tammy, Cindy & Gail, and Jenn!

Terry has been making all kinds of signs for the shop!

Roy created this quilt rack, and Jill made the quilt.

This awesome bakers stepback came from Jenn!
I looooove it!
I wanna take it home with me!

Last but not least is this customer commissioned
window hand painted by Terry in the shop!
It's awesome!

Now don't you agree we showcase some amazing talent in our shop?????
You don't have to take my word for it though,
Stop in soon and see for yourself!


Welcome "Works of Our Hands"

As I shared briefly in my last post our shop has been blessed by two new consignors, Cindy and Gail.
Their creative endeavors are known locally as "Works of Our Hands".

I can happily report they have been well recieved in our shop and have even had to restock this week!

Below you will find pictures of some of their hand made pillows and dolls. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we are enjoying having them as new consignors.

This grungy angel dressed in ticking is wonderful!

This prim angel has her very own small sampler pillow.

This wonderful large prim doll has her very own crow necklace.

This lovely lady has already found a new home...

This may be my fav of all the new dolls. I love the star over her head.

Mrs Perkins here has left the shop to grace her new home!

This lil grungy star pillow is awesome.

This is another small angel with it's own sampler pillow.

Below you will find several pillows made by Cindy and Gail.
They are wool and hand stitched. Just awesome!

These are just a few of their new items. Stop in soon and see them all!