Friday, May 30, 2008


Wow I feel like I should be in a confessional...Its been 30 days since my last blog! Yikes! But life has been sooooo busy! I have planted and started babying an amazing 900 square foot garden! It has lots of tomatoes and peppers of all kinds (for salsa making) and onions, garlic, melons, cucs, zuchs, squash, peas, corn, green beans, herbs and other yummys! It sure will taste awfully nice this summer fresh, and all winter frozen and canned! Cant wait to start harvesting! I go out and look at it every evening even if I am not working in it! I will try to attach some pics later.

Then the other crazy thing that has kept me away from the blog is this cute lil Mothers Day present that my hubby and my daughter let me help them build. Its a tool shed near my garden to store all the necessary supplies so I dont have to keep going back and forth to the garage to get tools. The cutest part about the tool shed is it looks exactly like an outhouse! Its painted barn red, with the sloped roof and the moon shape cut out on the door. It also has enamelware hanging on rusty hooks on the outside. Its jut way to cute! The neighbors out here in the country think its a riot!

My hubby also got out his sons little red radio flyer type wagon and drilled holes in the bottom so I could plant flowers in it and then he placed it next to the outhouse. The whole vignette is just to cute! I will attach pictures later when I get them downloaded!

Then the shop has been very busy lately, lots of new customers, some from quite a distance away as well as lots of local repeat customers! Everyone is shopping for cute stuff for the outside of the house as well as the inside. Right now we have just finished some hand made birdhouses and they are positioned right outside the shop door to catch the eye as folks drive by! They are in almost every hue in the rainbow! Some have themes WVU, Marshall, some are just bright colored like beach houses, and some look like log cabins!

And lets talk about our new sign out in front of the shop is just toooo sweet! Tina painted it and everyone thinks its beautiful! My husband set up solar flood lights on it and it looks sweet even after dark! (The picture is above.)

Family is all doing well, grandbaby just as cute as ever, and everyone buzzing around locally getting ready for graduation and my alma maters baseball team made the state playoffs so lots of craziness and excitement here since graduation ceremonies and the playoff games are both this weekend! Go Bison!!!!!

Please on a personal note put the Toney family in your prayers. They are friends of mine, and the father JL is dealing with just getting the news that he has a form of mesothlioma.The family needs all the prayers, love and support they can get!

Dont forget to stop in and see us soon!