Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blessings and Laughter

Ahh what a nice day today was! I played hookie from the shop this morning for a little girly pampering! Had a pedicure and my acrylic nails filled in! What fun! My nail tech Traci even had fun handpainting some lil flowers on my toes! She is a hoot! What a nice person. We chat about everything, and with her heavy vietnamese accent there is some translation difficulty for me, but her laughter translates really well! She asked for some of my business cards to give to her customers! She said she would send all her good customers my way! I in turn took some of her cards to my shop to share with my customers! I love when these kinds of things happen! All of us who own small shops helping each other!

Then when I arrived at the shop Tina was there with my sis Terry. Tina was visiting and bringing by her newest consignment items! Always great to see what she has created this time! She painted a sign I had requested that read "What if the hokey pokey is what its all about?" LOL Very profound! And who knows maybe it is true!!! Someone needs to do some research on this and report back... wink wink. My sis hung the sign behind the counter for others to get chuckles from also! They already love the "free puppy, espresso sign", more about it some other time....

The day stayed busy, lots of old friends and new in today! One newer customer has just fallen head over heels for our shop! An older woman, she has done some extensive shopping on her last three visits. I have reason to beleive she creates some fun mischief in the store while she is in. It seems after she leaves some of our prim dolls are in funny places and cuddled in each others arms in funny ways and truly funny stuff like that! Its such a hoot to find her harmless pranks after she leaves! Makes me laugh a lot!

Then there was the older couple in today who while the wife shopped and showed her husband many items she has been eyeballing as of late, he had to borrow a tape measure and get the sizes of several peices, of which I am sure he then had to go home and measure to see if they will fit! They "will be back."He was fun chatting with...

Then there was a return visit by our fav self titled "landscape challenged" lady! She was telling us all about the compliments she has received on recent purchases and she even came to buy a bird house for a neighbor! We laugh a lot when she stops by!

What truly amazes me is this is a job! I am making a few dollars doing something I love with people I love! What an amazing amazing blessing!!! Not one day have I taken it for granted or regretting buying the shop!

Stop by and laugh chat and vist, oh and buy something nice for your home if you are so inclined!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ups & Downs

"Never regret a day in your life. Good days give you Happiness. Bad days give you Experiences. Both are essential to life. Keep going...Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong, Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keeps you Humble, Success keeps You Glowing, But Only God keeps You Going!

I re-read the poetry above again today and it soo fit the day.

I spent the day in the shop with my sis Ter and dear friend Tina all of us very enjoyably creating, Ter creating floral arrangements, Tina painting our new store sign, and me planting new pots of flowers and hanging up new consignment items. That was the happiness part of our day.

Later in the day a friend came in to cry on my shoulder and share some sad news she had received over the weekend last. I prayed for her when she left, a prayer for peace. That was the sorrowful part of the day.

A young couple returned to the store this evening, they have been in several times lately shopping, turning a bachelor pad into a twosome hangout. Nice young couple, much fun to share and talk with. What fun. So nice to be able to visit with folks like that.

Today was such an up and down kind of day. Kinda helped me feel that I have truly found my place and that the shop gives not only me pleasure and comfort but it gives the same to others as well.
Amazing what God can use as a tool for his kingdom isnt it???


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Prayer Request

This is a prayer request for my Uncle Lee Dent. He and my Aunt Laura ( of South Charleston, WV) were in Florida on a trip this week with their daughter Susan when Lee had what seems to be a stroke late monday night. He is in the hospital there and is responding to them somewhat but not much verbally.

Lee has advanced alzheimers and Laura has a bad heart so please pray for them and for their daughter Susan as she takes care of them both.

I can still visualize a picture last year at my wedding of my Uncle Lee laughing and dancing that crazy chicken dance with us at the wedding reception and I can see my Aunt Laura in costume as a gypsy.

Please add them to any prayer lists you can it will be very much appreciated!

Shopping Excursion with Tiggers

Mondays are our shopping days for the store and some of them are just way more fun than others! For example yesterdays shopping trip. For starters my mother and a dear friend Tina went with my sis and I on this particular buying trip. We started off by driving quite a bit of curvy crooked country road to get to our interstate hookup and then to our first stop. I get lots of grief from one of the passengers when I drive on the crooked roads cause she gets a wee bit car I have to slow down and take the curves a wee bit slower but we make it just fine. We managed to pick up 2 and a half buggies full of floral and craft supplies at our first stop and had some fun there clowning and harassing each other. Then off to eat our weight in mexican at an awesome lil spot in Parkersburg..yummo!!!! More laughter then on the road again.

Next stop a neat lil wholesale place in an old train depot... what great atmosphere and we really loaded up there! We filled the back of the suv totally to the top and the gals in the back seat had to ride with some stuff between them.

The whole day we all laughed and talked and harassed each other, sure didnt feel much like a business buying trip to me. I have to steal Tinas phrase but riding in "a car full of Tiggers' sure is a lot of fun and sure makes the work seem like fun to me!

We got back to the shop and unloaded all the neat new merchandise and then we all left in different directions to go home! What fun we had!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiggers and more TIggers and still more Tiggers

Wowee wowee! What a successful saturday in the shop we had today! So many new faces that had either never been in the shop at all, or hadnt been since I bought it! Old friends and many many charming repeat customers!!!!Business was booming!

My sis Terry and friend Lisa where there at my side all day! Lisa was in the "bowels" of the cold warehouse assembling 4 ft metal stars! (Who knew they came unassembled?) Terry was up to her elbows in paint of every color, (in fact you would swear she had been fingerpainting by the looks of her hands at one point.) wink wink...

Dollmaker Tammy was in with a new shipment! Ohh her primitive dolls are sooo much fun! Such different styles, personalities and expressions! Everyone giggles while we are deciding which ones get "temporary foster care" in the shop before going home with their new familys! Such fun!
Then Teresa came by, another gifted local artist and very Tiggerish!!!!

Lovely local woman who as she put it was "landscape challenged" in today. She made us laugh out loud she was soo funny! We helped her pick a beautiful lavender birdhouse, a sweet lil welcome flag, a prim pot of pansies and some other goodies! She left laughin and smiling and vowing to return! I love that attitude! Another Tigger for our collection!

Then there was "Terri" and her friend. They were laughing and shopping and fighting over who was buying what for who and drawing us into the frey! They will be back! Still more Tiggers!

You askwhat about the Tiggers??? Well in Randy Pausch's interview concerning "The Last Lecture", when discussing the hand life had dealt him he stated "You have a choice, you can be a Tigger or an Eeyore." "Me I choose to be a Tigger. " Ohhh yeah Im sooo a Tigger! And I love the bouncing, from new customer to old friend, the hunting for new treasures, old vintage finds, matching items for kitchen and bath, ohhh yeah come bounce my way anytime!

You will find me in the shop having way more fun than I probably should be enjoying my many blessings and laughing a lot!!!

T...I...double GGG......ER.....TIGGER!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood Pooh

What a glorious day today was in the shop! Some of my fav people around me at the shop, my sis Terry, friend Tina, friend Lisa, and mom and pop stopped in, lovely! Tina and I shared some serious laughs today even though her wee brain was achin from a nasty migraine! She even got two coats of background paint on my new 4x4 foot shop sign! I am sooo excited about getting this sign set in front of the shop, especially with Tina's amazing decorative painting style! Excited!!!!

Mom and Dad stopped by the shop and brought all us gals some lunch, and some yummy pastries from the local bakery! Ohh my if youve never had one of those lil creme filled goodies called a hotdog from Spring Hill Bakery you havent lived!!!mmmmmmm

Then mom and I went to my daughters home,(its her first), so we helped her plant all kinds of lovely flowers in reds, oranges, yellows and white, pansies, marigolds, and snapdragons! Too pretty! Had a lot of fun clowning while planting too! Then the three generations went off to the Blue Grass Kitchen to have some yummo organic goodies! Blacked shrimp and wonderful salads! Followed by chocolate panini, buttermilk peach pie and key lime pie! What a sugar rush!!! Just a lovely lovely end to a wonderful day!

Then home to my wonderful hubby who had loaded the dishwasher, ran the vac, and was all smiles and glad to see me!!!!

Am I lucky or what??? Blessed beyond belief!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New WWW website almost ready!

Hey all! Guess what??? Our shops new website is almost ready to go live online!!!!! I am sooo excited! The domain will be!!!

Keep checking in on it, hopefully it will be up and functional by the weekend!!!!

My friend Kelly is the webmistress and she is extremely smart, ok and cute, and funny and just all around neato!!!!

Keep checking back!


Friday, April 11, 2008

My First Post!!!

Hey! I hope you seasoned bloggers dont mind a very green rookie trying her hand at her very first blog! A new and dear friend of mine convinced me this was a piece of cake! And since those of you who have seen my "svelte" figure know I cant refuse cake, here goes....

I have so much to write about! I am sooooo blessed! Among other blessings I have a wonderful new husband of little more than a year who thinks I hung the moon, a hunky 27 year old son, a live wire 23 year old daughter and a very brainy 18 year old stepson. I also have the most wonderful thing.. an adorably cute lil grand daughter who is almost 2 years old!

So many changes have come about in the last few jobs, new relationship, new grandchild, new house, and now my very own new business.... I am amazed and in awe of how God works in my life, me a humble sinner who could never ever be good enough to deserve all I have!

My new business is a sweet little primitive home decor shop called Country Gatherings. I am just starting my 5th month there and things are wonderful! Business is booming, I am making many new friends, I have some of the most talented, creative consigners who create beautiful items for my shop. One of those Tina (Art Fullife) was my inspiration for giving this blog a try!

Wish me luck and feel free to share any pointers on how to "cutesy up" my page!

Peace and blessings to all!