Monday, September 29, 2008

The Wisdom of MAXINE

Yep that ones funny!

LOL describes me huh???


Sometimes humor is pretty profound huh?

No explanation necessary...

Life is too short not to laugh too!

Pity there isn't huh???? :)

I'm half way there, pity Miss Clairol hides it...

I'm working on it!

LOL then we are found out!!!

Enjoy, couldn't resist sharing this bit of nonsense with you!


Shhhhhhh its a Secret.......NEW TREASURES!!!!!!!

OK OK so I wasn't gonna say anything........but.....

We found some really awesome primitive treasures today while shopping!!!!

You better stop in soon!

That's it that's all you more way....nope.......

Ok ....ok ......think awesome

furniture .....
cabinets ....
benches ....
shutters ...
tables ...

...ok ok I'm done no more!!!!

You will just have to come in and see for yourself......

Tee hee.....see you soon I bet! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hats???....Pranks!!!...Hugs !!!....Shopping!!!......

This past week has been crazy blessed and busy! I had to wear sooo many "hats"! Even more than my usual......stock clerk, inventory foreman, janitor, refuse collector, cashier, greeter, furniture mover, gift wrapper, etc..... how about deceased feline wrangler for example?????

Yep don't want to share to many details suffice it to say feline A met its demise sadly somehow nearby and was now residing in the apartment parking lot next door, and associates B- Me and C- Tina went to the rescue and delicately removed said deceased feline from the premises so none of my customers would be uncomfortable...hmmm not exactly what I had planned on I can assure you. But it was either handle the feline or have a lot of teary customers in....

And how about prankster payback delivery person ???? Oh yeah, one adorably mischievous middle schooler pulled a funny prank on yours truly and I had to get even! LOL It was such fun, in the end Kathy, Jake, Grandma, Terry and me....we all enjoyed it!!! Thanks Jake, your the best!!! ;)

This week there were many of our old friends as well as new ones new couple came in on Saturday, he in WVU regalia, she in MU regalia...ahh yes a house divided...but they didn't lack in coming together to make the decision to buy the beautiful pie safe in the shop....when the cause was right they came together...wink... wink.... now if we could just buy her some blue and gold....hmmmmm.....

Then Cindy and Seth surprised me by popping in, that was awesome and we shared hugs all around!!! Seth is growing up wayyyyy to fast!!!!! Either that or I am getting really old....I know what your all thinking...and you can just cut it out to ....ouch lol!!!!

Just to name a few neat moments this past week......

Ellen and her lil one in the stroller popped in and we loaded a really neat tall colonial style house into her jeep while playing peekaboo with the baby, what fun! She just hosted a housewarming for one of my other favs Amy and sounds like they as well as all their guests had a great time! Kudos Ellen!

Jess, Riley Roo and Tiara have been in recently too. Its such fun to see them and love on the kiddos!!! They always get treats from the good kid basket!!!

Bruce had to come in on Saturday and pick up the huge cabinet Robin bought! What a priceless expression he had on his face when he saw it!!! She promised pictures when she gets it all set up!!!

Former classmate David I hadnt seen since high school and his lovely lady stopped in! Nice visit!!! Have I been out of school that long??? Yikes ... class of 77!!!

New consigner Renee from Cross Lanes brought her hand crafted items in, they are nice!!! Regular customer and friend Teresa steered Renee in our direction! Thanks Teresa!

Tomorrow promises to start off another wham bam holy cow hold on kind of week too! Terry, Lisa, Hubs and I all worked some in the shop today, moving, cleaning and getting ready to restock with new shipments due this next week! Terry and I will be out shopping all day tomorrow, you will have to pop in and see all the new treasures we uncover on our journey!!!

TTFN- That's Tigger speak for TA TA for Now!!!!


P.S. I'm off to chill a bit with a new found yummy...Breyers Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm... this stuff should be illegal!!!! Bye for now!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Shared Rant from Tina's blog

The following is just a small excerpt from Tina Lawver' wonderful blog ... .

Tina is a special friend my sister and I have made because of a connection God created through the shop. She is also one of our consigners and we love her....the feelings she shares below about customer service I had to share with you.....

A bit of a rant
I finally got my work completed last night. A few signs for Country Gatherings plus an order, but the work goes so slowly having to manuever in this apartment, but I manage. So that work is done and I'll hop in the Focus and deliver them in just a bit.I like the drive there, seeing Deb and Terry, and seeing all the new goodies they will have displayed perfectly in the store. It makes my heart ache a bit cause I just wanna bring so many of those wonderful hand made treasures home with me, but I just can't accumulate much in this little apartment.I

I've had some frustrations lately and have wanted to just get it out so maybe I'll just do it quickly and get it over with. Customer Service is a VERB! It's a DO. I think some have lost the definition of it.

"Customer service is a proactive attitude that can be summed up as: I care and I can do."

Though there are many definitions, I like this one that just simply says "hey, I care about you and what you called or came in here for, this need that you have that I have promised to provide for, and I can do it and if I don't know how, I will find someone who can and I will learn from trying to help you and when the next person comes in with that need I won't have to find someone, I will know because I cared enough about you and your need to learn from you."
Is that too much to ask?

I have worked and served in customer service areas in several different capacities over my working career, I've been a trainer and a leader, mostly in sales and one who has dealt directly with customers on a daily basis.

  • Treat me as you would want to be treated
  • make eye contact with me and acknowledge my presence
  • Care about the fact that I chose you to provide for the need that I have
  • Treat me like the guest that I am who intends to spend my hard earned buck in this place

In this day and age, in this economy, people better start caring about where you'll choose to spend that buck. I will always go to the one who cares about getting it. Customer Service is probably in the top 3 of my pet peeves (obviously) I've had some real incidents of bad service happen in the recent past and it has become so evident that it's a huge problem.

We need to be nicer to each other and care about each other so much more.
I said all that to say this. My visit to Country Gatherings today will be so great because consistently, these girls love on their customers. Value the fact that you took time to choose their store to spend time in. That's why they are crazy busy. They are doin' right.

So, if I could (and I might) come up with an award to give, it would be the Great Customer Service award and I would bestow this honor on the gals at CG. You gals rock and I feel like a rock star every time I visit. Thanks for your caring efforts and that is why I sell my work in your store.
That's my rant, guess I was due.

- Tina is the best!!!! But she totally summed up how we truly feel about our customers and the responsibility we have to them and I had to share her feelings with you, hope you and Tina dont mind!



This witch was brought in handmade by Tammy and it is adorable! It would be perfect on a door! Its one of a kind truly!

This sign made by Tina is so funny! We sell this verse as fast as any we get! This one wont be here long!

I mean "What if the Hokey Pokey is what its all about....huh...hmmmmm..?????

These two large pillows are all hand stitched by Kathy and just came in recently! They are very well done and overstuffed! Priced well too, wont last long!

This wooden old crow came from Renee and he is primitive to the max and ready to hang in your nest!

This painted gourd came in from Cathy and its a nice one painted with a crow and sunflowers. Apple shaped and just the right size to add to your home decor!

Remember this 7ft tall display??? Well poof.....its gone! Left the building today bound for its new home at Robins house!

This was just one of three large furniture pieces that slipped out of the shop this week!

This pumpkin faced hobo is a real scene stealer. Made by Renee he just arrived recently and is just destined not to stay long! You gotta see him!

This pumpkin faced fellow hugging his crow also by Renee is another unique item that wont last long!

The cat pillow is one of four handmade overstuffed holiday pillows by Kathy... the primitive scarecrow doll made by Tammy is an attention getter for sure! His big feet are so funny! You have to see him soon before he is gone. He is holding a stack of pumpkins made by Cindy on his lap!

These items are sitting in a ladder back chair with a handwoven rag seat! I wove the seat in blue and gold and its a nice chair for anyones home!

This pair of nearly life sized witch shoes must be seen to be appreciated also. Renee made these and we have sold all but one pair rather quickly! You better hurry in if you want this pair!

This gourd jack o lantern complete with blinking electric light came from Dottie and he is only one of two available. He is really different everyone is remarking about him.

This neat goblin face sculpted on a gourd perched on the antique bobbin was made by Dottie also. She brought only one in so chances are he will be gone lickety split!

This adorable gourd turned into an "inn" is a real cute item. Dottie created this one also. There are very few of these unique items and they wont last much longer! Several are already gone!

Dottie exhibited at the Mound Festival and is currently creating for the Lions Club show in Charleston.

"This chicks had it," lol to funny not to share. These two came from Parkersburg and their Harvest Festival. The first one went today and the other chick will fly the coop soon!

This wonderful handmade item went today. But not to worry, if you like the verse as much as we did you need to check out a handmade item Terry made today in shop! Very nice, very nice indeed!

These are but a few of this weeks new finds from consigners and our travels. Just remember if you like what you see here you have to get into the shop soon, as these are one of a kind handmade items and some of them cant be repeated!

There are many other items and more shipments are due in any day! We will be out shopping and scouring the state for more treasures on Monday!! I have already received some adorable handmade snowmen and Santa's from Barbara and Tammy that we will be sneaking out into the shop soon!

Keep checking back it wont be long till the shop just might look like Christmas!!!!!

On a personal note-

This week has been such a blessing to us in the shop. We have had so many nice customers/new & old friends to share their positive feelings about our shop and how we are running it and decorating it that the words thank you seem inadequate!

We love every minute of visiting with our customers/friends, helping them find the right items for their homes, loving on their kids, sharing our faith with them, as well as laughing together.

This shop has been my dream come true and it is such a blessing and so much fun, at times I am afraid someone will pinch me and I will wake from this dream! Being able to do what I love and making a living at it is just mind boggling sometimes!

Prayer request updates-

Larry Angle Sr.- My sister Terry's father in law has been removed from the respirator and is breathing on his own and actually talking again! He was sitting up a bit today and is trying to move his stroke damaged left side. He is getting more nutrients now and is regaining strength and even joked some with the family! The drainage tube was also removed from his bypass incision today! God is good!

Charles Shank- My uncle, they got him up out of his bed yesterday and helped him walk 4-5 steps with a walker in his room. That's absolutely monumental since just days ago they thought they would have to remove his left foot! God is good, all the time!

Joe Fox- Dad is doing better since he received two pints of blood, regaining his color and strength more everyday! He spent today watching the WVU-MU game at my house with the Hubs!!! GOOOO MOUNTAINEERS! Sorry I digress.....God is good all the time!!!! All the time God is good!!!

We are thankful for your prayers... they have worked and continue to work and we humbly request that you continue to pray for our family!

Good to see so many of you this week! Thanks again and stop in the shop soon!!!!!

There are a lot more treasures to uncover and laughs to share!

Much love!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prayer Request Updates

Sorry for the short entry but needed to share info and really tired...

Updates on Prayer requests-

My sister Terry's father in law Larry Angle Sr., suffered a massive stroke today in CCU at CAMC General today. He hasn't fully woke up yet from the 5 bypass surgery so no one truly knows the extent of the stroke, but it doesn't seem good. He is only moving one side of his body. The cardiologist wants to operate again now but the neurosurgeon says if he does Mr Angle wont survive. His family spent every moment with him they were allowed today. Please keep praying!

My Uncle Charles Shank who was T-Boned on the motorcycle is showing some improvement today in CAMC Memorial, but its going to be a slow and arduous recovery. They still don't know if they will be able to save the one foot.

Joe Fox- Dad received two pints of blood today at Thomas Memorial Hospital and we hope this gets him back on his feet. He hasn't been really well for awhile now.

We are all exhausted from the hospital running but blessed to have them all with us. Please keep praying! We are praying that Gods will be done for all!

Much Love,


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Items to Share and Request for Prayers for My Family

Just a few quick pics of new items that have arrived this week.

Does anyone else remember the "Can Stools"? My grandmother used to make them, and so did Lisa's. Lisa is a dear friend, sister if you don't count blood and she made this adorable piece of nostalgia and its on consignment in the shop. You have to see it! Let me know if your grandma made these too.

This lamp arrived this weekend on consignment, it was made by Michael one of our consigners. It is made out of recycled corrugated tin and its a big lamp! He even punched holes in the shade so that the Big Dipper would shine on your wall.
You gotta see it!

This handmade stitched pillow was purchased in Parkersburg this weekend at their 46th annual Harvest Festival. I purchased it and a few other unique ones to put in the shop. The work is wonderful and the pillow is put together very well, they wont last long.

This Old Glory pillow was also purchased in Parkersburg this weekend. Its a big pillow and it is awesome! I bet you it wont last until the weekend in the shop!

This large gourd with the cute raccoon face came in today from Cathy, one of our consigners. She does the cutest raccoon faces, and its another item that will sell quick!

Cathy's crow gourd sold Saturday! They don't last long!


This amazing plate stand was purchased, handmade by a lady in Parkersburg named Eve Adkins and it is wonderful. It isn't like any I have seen or had in the shop in the past and it got several serious looks today so it wont be hanging around long I'm sure.

Its now standing where the double door grey icebox style cabinet stood until Saturday when it sold!

This cute bucket full of candy corn bowl fillers also was picked up in Parkersburg this weekend and they are just to cute for words! There are only a few of them and they have been primmed and grunged and are toooo cute!

This primitive pear grungy bowl fillers were made by Tammy our resident doll maker and they smell as good as they look! You have to see and touch them to appreciate them.

These are just a few of the new items and a new consigner is coming on board this week. Don't miss out!

Prayer Lists-

On a serious note my family needs your prayers. Three members of our family are currently in need of prayer;

Joe Fox- My Dad, who will be in Thomas Memorial in the morning receiving two pints of blood. He has been losing blood for awhile and more tests will follow. He is on blood thinners after having a heart attack a few years back and he has trouble with blood loss from time to time, but this is the first time in two years that he has been bad enough to need blood.

Larry Angle, Sr- My sister Terry's father in law- He will be undergoing an emergency quadruple bypass in the morning at CAMC Memorial. A heart catheterization this morning found five blockages. He has had two small strokes recently, is undergoing wound care for a cut on his leg which has allowed a staph infection into his body, both of his carotids are almost totally blocked, he has five major heart blockages and an aneurysm in his stomach. All of this has just showed up in tests recently, he had never felt sick or been under doctors care in the past. Please pray for his recovery as he is scheduled to undergo surgery on the carotid blockages in a few days also.

Charles Shank- My moms 71 year old brother was T-boned on his motorcycle two days ago near Patrick Street and is in the Trauma unit at CAMC General. He has already had two surgery's on a foot they are trying to save, he has a broken nose, messed up eye, 2 damaged vertebra, a lot of skinned areas that will need grafting and other injuries. The healing process will be long and difficult and at home he is caregiver for his wife who undergoes dialysis three times a week, is blind, and has diabetes. Please pray for the family.

Thank you for praying for my family, we have faith that Gods will will be done. Please feel free to share these prayer requests with anyone else.

Much love to you all.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Busy Busy Week.....

Here are just a few quick glimpses of new items that have arrived this week!

This is a new quilt on consignment from Kathy's Kreations. It is totally hand sewn, and has the rod pocket attached to hang it on the wall, dowel rod included...beautiful and sooo soft!

This cute lamb is on consignment from Cindy. She brought him and three other members of the flock into the shop last evening. They each one alone will fill your arms!!! They are awesome!


This hand painted and primmed wooden bowl is on consignment from Tina, just beautiful!

New consigned bookshelf from Pine Knot Primitives, temporarily holding our specialty light bulbs until the shelf is sold, which shouldn't take long!

New consigned stool from Nancy, with willow legs. Just a few of these in assorted colors came in yesterday, one sold today already. Nancy is an juried artisan at Tamarack! You dont want to miss her items they sell fast!!!!


New stool painted and primmed in the shop by Terry! It wont be in the shop long from the oohs and ahhs its getting! Its so tiny and the perfect size for a wee one to sit on, or a special doll or bear!

These are just a few items that have come in this week! Stop by to see more!!!
Toodles for now!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shop Crammed to the Gills-----

I have outdone myself in professional shopping mode today! I spent 12 hours just today shopping, store hopping, loading, unloading, unpacking, unwrapping, and pricing and stocking for the shop, (with loads of help from Sis Terry, bro in law Larry, other "sis" Lisa, hey they will work for pizza, who knew?????

Our front room was half to three quarters full of stacked boxes of new merchandise today ( we filled half the Fedex truck alone, not including my car completely full too trunk and backseat) and we managed to price and put away all of it tonight!!!!!

We hid a few peices of holiday merchandise for later but all the rest was priced and put on shelves and sprinkled throughout the shop!!! Our customers will be blown away when they stop in this week!

I am so happy to have all the neat new stuff!!!! Cant wait till some of our regulars find the new goodies!!!! It will be so much fun watching them shop!!!

All I have to say is hurry in dont wait!!! You snooze, ooops you lose!!!

Ohh and thats not all.......more shipments are coming!!!! I love this time of the year, Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and THAT holiday....ohhh the blessings....the marvelous wonderful blessings!!!!

Come by soon!!!!

On a serious note-

Please pray for the Tolley family at the loss of "Grandma Tolley".

Pray for the family of Violet Parkins. Violet was killed this evening in a car accident.

Pray for the Sam Harrison family on the death of Sammy also.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quick Post

The shop doesn't usually open on Sundays but today was Putnam County's annual Homecoming Celebration with music, a parade and other happenings located in the area surrounding the Putnam County courthouse. Since the shop is located in the same area as the courthouse I took a chance and opened the shop for a few hours in the middle of the day.
Because my normal partner in crime my sis Terry wasn't able to be there today due to a golf tourney fund raiser for my nephews high school basketball team my daughter Miranda came to help. That's her smiling face at the counter below... she was loads of entertainment along with mildly helpful...tee hee just kiddin Miranda! It was fun working with her!

Along with our normal shop inventory we sold ice cold drinks to those who came to watch the parade. This proved to be a very smart idea that we will have to expand on next year! Lots of hot thirsty people watched the parade!

Today we found out that our shop was not only a fun place to shop, but a cool place out of the heat to recharge and refill before folks trekked to their cars parked at the local high school. And also a nice place to shop and visit while the traffic jam cleared out after the parade!!!

We gave out small American flags to the kids too which proved to be a hit! We will plan on doing that again too!

Tomorrow Terry and I go shopping to restock inventory sold the last few days! It has been extremely busy this week and we have lots of new items being shipped that should arrive this week too! If you haven't been in in awhile you might want to change that this week!!! We are making some more changes inside the shop this week, as I have purchased some cute displays that we will be installing and also some mums to add to our landscaping outside as well!

Stop by and see us soon!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Full To the Brim... or Our Cup Runneth Over...

Here are just a few sample pictures to give you and idea just how full our shop is.

This bench is hand crafted and just loaded with hand made primitive dolls


This handcrafted shelving being used for a display is just crammed full of needfuls for the bathroom! Shower curtains, towels, soap dishes, lotion dispensers, etc....

The mantel area is currently decorated for Fall. It is surrounded by to unique shutter sets picked up recently in Amish country and by a large pile of hand crafted pumpkins...


This antique cupboard for sale also, houses our Warm Glow candles and lumpy tapers. Lots of good scents eminate from here...

The top of the display is full of Wells Designs melamine dinnerware. This dinnerware is featured in Country Sampler magazine and is a customer favorite.
The center of the display is full of clothe napkins, placemats and unique metal napkin rings, all from Park Design or handcrafted by one of our local artisans.

The bottom of the display is chock full of country curtains, table runners, table cloths, aprons and other goodies!!!!


This western stepback cabinet was handmade locally from recycled barnwood. It is solid and heavvvvy! It is full of all kinds of stars and rusty metal treasures...

Last but not least this display is filled with all kinds of wonderfully smelling tarts and oversized lumpy votives... the tarts smell heavenly and are long lasting.....come enjoy them for yourself!
These are just some of the wonders you can enjoy when you stop in our shop!
But dont take my word for it....see for yourself!!!
Stop in soon!