Thursday, November 26, 2009

Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas.....

Below are just a few quick snapshots of new items arriving daily in the shop now for the holidays. We now have 16 WV artisans hand crafted items in our shop and we couldn't be happier!!!!

Santa, the pillows behind him and the chair are all hand crafted...

Grungy snowman ornies hand made...

Wreath hand made...and in the shop too...

Sampler and sign both hand crafted...

Holiday swag over the window and curtains on it both hand made...

Candles and linens stocked and ready...

Smell goods all stocked up and ready for the holidays...mmmmmm

A few wintry bathroom ideas....

Lots of handmade items....

Our traditional tub full of handmade snowmen!!!!!

Sweet lil mitten full of grungy snowmen ornies...

Sweet lil grungy candy cane gal and sampler both hand crafted...

Loads of hand painted items.....

Cute lil mouse centerpiece...

Nice winter scene...hand painted of course...

More ornies...hand made locally...

Awesome lil elf shoes.....hand made locally!!! Too cute for words!

Just sharing a brief glimpse of all our holiday goodies!!! Better stop in soon!!!

Come by and enjoy our holiday sales, Black Friday and our Holiday Open house coming in December!

Happy Holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Explain My Absence?????

Oh my how do I explain my absence from blogging since September????

Well Hubs was battling a three month long life threatening health problem and is blessed and now on the mend.....


during a major lightning storm (while Hubs the computer genius was ill)... lightning took out my computer!!!

But I am happy to say I am back and will get more new updates on here soon, I promise!

Meanwhile here is a Reader's Digest condensed update:

Black Friday Sale coming up from 10-5 on Friday, store will be closed Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for it!!!! Gonna be a good one!!!!

Holiday Open House- Planned for December 5, 2009...

(picture courtesy of Tina Lawver)

But our most recent bit of wonderful news that I want to crow about is that we were mentioned and some of our items were featured on our local Fox 11 television broadcast when one of our own consigners Tina Lawver (Artful Life Blogger) demonstrated another wonderful primitive and country trick today!!!!!

Tina does a monthly segment on FOX 11 for Amish Country Living!!!!!! And todays demo was all about coffee dying samplers. She also displayed one of Tammy's samplers another one of our gifted consigners!!!!

I am just amazed by the generosity and blessings we receive over and over connected with the shop! God is good all the time!!!!

Stop by and see us soon....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just a Smidgen....Some sneak previews

Holy smokes has it been crazy in your world lately???
Mine has been kooky
run your self ragged
a blur even!!!!
I thought as we got older things would start to slooooow dowwwwn!!!!

Guess I was misinformed! LOL

Oh well the shop has been absolutely bustling and people are loving the Fall merchandise for sure!!!
It seems to be exiting the building as fast as it is entering the building!!!

I stopped long enough today to snap a few pictures of new items that have arrived but this in no way reflects the volume or variety currently stocked!
Check the pics out below!

This vignette showcases some consigned pieces as well as other neat finds!

This amazing cabinet from Darrell has only been in the shop two days!!!! I'm counting down because I know it wont be there long!!!

The prim pumpkins below are by June, the bench is by Dan.

This lil grouping includes some new jug lamps, and a new tin tart warmer...

This ole witch is keeping watch in a window!!!
Tammy did good on this one!!!!
She even has warts!!!!
Anyone for a slice of June's pumpkin pie???
Ahh the ovens lit and the pies are ready....
There's even Crow Pie... case you need to "eat some crow"

This pumpkin from June has gone batty!!!!

This witchy woman is from Tammy!!! What a cutie!

Bowl fillers from June and Tammy,
prim pears and crows.... and a mirror from Darrell...

Jill made this darling Halloween quilt!

Here's Terry hard at it creating something beautiful out of something utilitarian....
a trash bin now a prim work of art!!!

Below I am honored to be selling on commission some vintage 2000 "Cats Meow" replicas of my old junior high alma mater George Washington Junior High.
This school fell victim to arson in 2000 and burned to the ground, a new school rose from the ashes and the community mourned the loss of our old friend.

The miniatures are being sold to benefit the school and I have received a total of 38 of them still in their wrappers today... 10 have already sold!!!!
I know they will be gone by the weekend!
I snapped one up as a keepsake for myself!

This adorable lil witch was created and consigned by my daughter in law Kelly Jo and I am extremely happy to be consigning her artwork now!!!
She does some cute stuff!!!!

This is another cute sign by Kelly Jo!

This one too!!!!

Yep another one!

And last... but not least...
when two zany creative minds like my sisters and mine are left to their own devices... you get wacky hysterically silly signs... like the one below!!!!

Hey what can I say???? We are just that crazy!!!
Stop in soon and see if you don't leave with a big smile on your face!!!!!

Happy Fall Y"All!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Autumn is Arriving...

Wow has the shop been busy lately!!!
I have barely had time to get some pictures of new items that have been arriving before they sell out!!! Its just been absolutely amazing!!!

The new items that have been coming in are just awesome and the speed at which they are leaving the shop is mind boggling.....

Below are but a handful of images of new items recently arrived!!!! Most of the items featured are hand crafted by local artisans!!! WVA has some wonderful artists and craftsmen and women!!! Wonderful!!!!

These jack o lanterns have electric lights in them!

Love this grungy birdhouse church...

Hey this pumpkin head doll is a hoot isn't she???

and more new dolls....

This prim nailhead doll and her crow pie side kick are hysterical!
What will the artisans bring in next???

How about this piece made from repurposed stockade fencing?

Or this beautiful bench made from a baby bed???

Or perhaps you are looking for a mini wall quilt depicting a saltbox house?

Or a pumpkin in the center?

Or an Amish style chair????

Or this tall lanky scarecrow?

Or this scarecrow????

What about this fiendish ghoul????

How about a small primitive cabinet???
Handmade of course...

Or a hand made tea dyed americana quilt?

Or one of several hand made samplers????

What about another new primitive piece of furniture?

Or some grungy pumpkins????

Or mini witches hats???

Or kats????
Jack o lanterns?
or witches?

What about owls ? Or pottery?

What about gourds painted with cats and jack o lanterns???

Or vintage ironing boards with moon images????

Or spooky painted canvases?????

My goodness we have soooo many more new items that I couldn't even get pictures of all of them and more arrived today and more will arrive tomorrow!!!!!

Don't miss out stop in soon!!!!!! Autumn is arriving more every day!!!!!!

Happy Fall Y'All!!!!