Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Well so far its sure been a busy week in the shop. Lots of customers, new and old friends coming in! So many new faces lately that have been referred by our old friends. Referrals are always our best advertising. Today we helped an old friend personalize a special tribute to take to the funeral home. It was nice to be able to help her with something that special. We were honored to be asked to help.

We have new items in now for Fall and a huge shipment of Fall and Halloween stuff coming in early next week also! New Fall flags and such should be in this week! We have begun to decorate the shop for fall now and its starting to look pretty good!

Yesterday our friend Ron came in and installed our new card rack! Its awesome, it holds the same amount of cards as the old rack, but looks and functions better in less space! You gotta love that! He also brought us some unique handmade pieces that should be out in the shop by Thursday afternoon!

After work today my hubby and daughter and I all went to Rippling Waters to check on my parents. My dad isn't doing well, he is losing blood again and right now the doc figures he has lost 2 pints. If he loses anymore they will hospitalize him and give him blood. He is awaiting tests to see where the blood loss is happening. Please put him in your prayer list.

We spent time with Mom and dad visiting and feeding the ducks and swans on the lake. My daughter and hubby took loads of pics I will try to share some later.

My sis Terry is struggling with her diabetes and was ill most of the day today. Please say a prayer for her.

An old friend of ours Jeff Hescht's wife Leshia is not doing well. She just came out of the hospital and is undergoing a form of radiation. They have two children and they all need your prayers right now.

Tomorrow promises to be another great day in the shop, we are open late on Thursdays so plan on stopping by to see us.

See you soon.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday... Saturday... Saturday...

Today as I suspected it would be, was another great day in the shop! My nephew Drew was there to give me a hand most of the day and it was a busy one.

There were some old faces we hadn't seen in awhile and some new ones referred by other customers that stopped in to shop on their first visit today with promises when they left that they couldn't wait to come back!

Drew and I also made some time for some high dusting and some maintenance of the landscaping outside the shop. He is a great help with all the muscle work since he is much taller and stronger than his old auntie! LOL Its such a joy to have a 17 year old nephew that doesn't mind hanging with me and helping out!

I met some young new neighbors that have moved into my neighborhood and will be ordering some hand made furniture from me soon! I also took several orders today for special overhead candelabras, hooked rugs and curtains! I love filling orders for the perfect piece they have been looking for to compliment their home! Love it!

Kathy S and her adorable son were in today and she finally was able to buy that door bench she had been eyeballing for sometime now that they have closed on their new home and have room for it! I am so glad she finally got it I know how much she had been admiring it!

Folks stopped in today that were at the recent Toney/Hutchison wedding and complimented us again on the beautiful bouquet that sis made for the bride! Everyone loved it! I'm so glad our shop can fill that niche for local brides!

Tammy brought me some lil primitive rag cats, pigs and sheep today! I now have a cute basket full of those funny cats! You have to see them to appreciate them! They have such personality! And the lil fat pigs and sheep are to adorable!

Barbara stopped in to tell me she will soon be starting on her primitive Santa's and snowmen again! I cant wait to get my hands on them! My customers love them! And so do I!

Winfield Baptist Church Womens Mission Group brought us a batch of wonderful cookbooks we will be selling in the shop for them. Please stop in and purchase one. All proceeds go directly to the church!

Serious note-

Linda Scantlins daughter in law was in today and she shared with me that hospice has been called in to assist with Linda's care now and things aren't going well. I stopped by Linda's on my way home after closing the shop and she had been sleeping all day and was in the shower. I let them know I would come back later and slipped off. In the past I promised Linda I would get pictures of her home inside to share on the web. Most of her beloved home decor has come from the shop and she is very proud of her home and rightfully so. You should see the pergola loaded with hanging baskets on the side entry and the gazebo her husband built for her out back and that's just outside! Theirs a lot of love in that house. A lot of the pieces inside were handcrafted for her by one of the shops craftsmen and I will share the pics when I get them. Please say a prayer for Linda and her husband Glenn. Thanks be to God that they know him as their personal saviour and that when Linda leaves this place of pain she will arrive at a pain free home in heaven. Please remember her children, and grandchildren in your prayers also.

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. If I am counting correctly they were married 52 years today! The Lord has richly blessed them and we have always said they have a marriage like one in the storybooks!

Dad has been sick the last couple days so please put him in your prayers also. We would love to have him and Mom around to celebrate many more anniversary's!

I will close for now, have a blessed weekend! See you in the shop soon!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Much To Share

This is what my hubby and I have been spending part of our last two evenings finding...wild blackberries!!! Loads of them hang from vines along the edge of our property! We have picked three quarts in just a few minutes the past two evenings. They sure will make yummy cobblers and jams this winter!

I also froze two quarts of tomatoes and made two quarts of pickles this evening from some of our bounty! This stuff will taste like bottled sunshine this winter!!!

This is just a small bucket full! Amazing! Some of the tomatoes are huge!!!!

Today was another blessed and busy day in the shop. Lots of old friends in like Edna Sue, Joy, Kay, Anita, Tonya, Jessi, and Terry C just to name a few and so many more! Some new folks, some from as far as Elkview and some were first timers! What a great mix! And when our regulars find out that we have new shipments just arrived they really have a ball! What fun it is to anticipate what they will like and shop for it! Then watch their faces when they discover all the new items we have in stock! cant wait to start bringing in more Fall items for them to discover!

Gonna be another busy one tomorrow and my nephew Drew has volunteered to hang with me and help then! It will be a fun day for sure! My sis and brother in law are working on a wedding cake for a reception Sunday so sis will not be in the shop tomorrow.

On a serious note- Prayer requests and Prayers Answered-

JL and Lu are in Boston and JL received great news. No new tumors and the chemo seems to be working! Praise God for answers to prayers! Lets keep the prayers coming!

Put my sis Terry in your prayers also. She is having issues with her diabetes and she gets discouraged from time to time fighting the disease. Help me keep her spirits up!

Randy Pausch, the professor at Carnegie Mellon University who inspired countless students in the classroom and others worldwide through his highly acclaimed last lecture, died today of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 47.
Outside the classroom, he gained public fame for delivering what would come to be known as "The Last Lecture." On Sept. 18, 2007, only a month after doctors told him that he had three-to-six months to live following a recurrence of pancreatic cancer, he presented a lecture called "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" to a packed auditorium at Carnegie Mellon.The moving and often humorous talk recounted his efforts to achieve such childhood dreams as becoming a professional football player, experiencing zero gravity and developing Disney World attractions. In the process, he shared his insights on finding the good in other people, working hard to overcome obstacles and living generously."If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself," Pausch said. "The dreams will come to you."

Please remember his wife and small children in your prayers!

Food for thought ..."if you lead your life the right way ... your dreams will come to you." Sounds wonderful to me!

See you all soon!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah The Bounty.....

Have you ever seen anything so pretty? This is just what I picked from my small garden in one evening. It actually looks to good to eat!

Tomatoes, peppers of several kinds, and broccoli.

And these strawberry's! Its very hard to pick them to freeze for jam later and not just eat them all now!

If you could see my face you would know not all of them lasted to get their picture taken! ;)

Isn't it amazing what you can grow with your own two hands?? And the fact that I was unable to even work in my garden for over 30 days and I am still able to pick the veggies and fruit I am picking every other day is just mind boggling.

God is so good! And even in my shop I am able to "share in God's bounty." So many new customers have been in lately who have been referred by other customers....isn't that wonderful? It just keeps adding more new friends to our circle!!!!!

Today Tina was in and brought us more decorative painted items as well as handmade name tags! Within the next two weeks she will be bringing in some handmade pendants which we got a sneak preview of today! They were so beautiful that my sis and I both had to buy one for ourselves to wear now! Cant wait to share them with our customers when they come in! Go to her blog if you cant wait either! (Mine is picture to the left.) ;)

One of our furniture makers Terry C. was in today! He brought us two cabinets and two hand crafted tables all made from recycled barn wood! One was huge! Its a western step back cabinet! Its solid made very heavy and it will be awesome in someones home! It could hold pantry goods, china or just anything would look good in it! The other cabinet is a smaller chimney style cabinet with glass in the door and its just perfect for so many places in someones home! And the two tables??? Well they sold as soon as he took them off the truck so sorry folks you will have to wait until he makes more to hear about them! He sure makes some unique stuff that everyone has been talking about and carrying home! We are working on "primming out" a piece he also brought in recently, it is a takeoff on a vintage icebox. It is also made from the barn wood but it has some unique panels in the doors. I'm hoping we get it finished Thursday to put out in the shop! Its gonna be awesome!

A cousin of mine Kenny also was in today and brought us a very old antique wardrobe. It has the tiny little turned legs and the old mirrors on the doors that are still intact! It will be awesome for us to "prim out". It belonged to my elderly aunts late in laws and its a very nice piece of furniture. Cant wait to start on it!

We also have some other older pieces of furniture we will be working up in the near future and bringing into the shop! Keep checking in! You don't want to miss them!

We got our new order of Swan Creek candles in today and some are new fragrances we haven't stocked before! We are very excited about them! We are sure our customers will like them too.

Prayer requests-

Please put Danny Erlewine on your prayer list. He will be having knee replacement surgery this next Tuesday. He has been in a lot of pain for awhile and we hope for a speedy and pain free recovery.

Please put Terry C. on your prayer list. He had back surgery a few months ago and is still in rehab and it looks as though more surgery may be needed in the future.

Also put Terry and Tammy's mom Mrs. Conley on your prayer list. She is home from the hospital but still not back to 100%.

Linda Scantlin and JL Toney need to be kept on your prayer lists. Linda is still with us but heaven is calling. JL is fighting a good fight and is soon to be back in Boston for treatment if he isn't there already.

I wish you all a share of God's bounty! Love to all!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mama Mia- What a Day

Well the shop was just busy busy busy today! Another wonderful day! Then my sis and our mutual friend/"sis if blood doesnt count" Lisa all went out after work for Girls Nite Out!

We had mexican food then hit the theatre to see Mama Mia! What an awesome flick! We laughed I mean howled and sniffed and snuffed and boo hooed and had a ball! The theatre was full and everyone had a grand time! What a wonderful way to cap off an already nice day!

Tomorrow will be another wonderful day for sure! The shop will continue its week long sidewalk sale and its sure to produce quite a crowd!

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Return to the Garden :) - Tuesday at 7:00

Look at this picture closely....see my daughter working in my garden??? Look behind her see someone else in the garden with her? No its not my hubby helping her...look again...see red hair??? YES YES YES IT'S ME!!!!!!!!

I was able to hobble down to the garden Tuesday night for the first time in over a month with my daughters assistance!!! Then it took my hubby and daughterto help me back up the hill afterwards!

Oh man it felt sooo good to be back! I smiled so much I think I got bugs in my teeth!

My daughter is standing grinning at her stepdad while he is taking pics of my return to garden! I was almost giddy with being back! I was talking to myself and laughing at myself it was funny!!!

We spent most of the evening weeding and spreading straw under the tomatoes and vining plants and we had a ball!

We watered and picked and lost track of time we were having so much fun!

Here my daughter is applying miracle-gro to the garden after we weeded and spread the straw. Emmett the scarewcrow is watching her!

He is an excellent scarecrew, not one crow has been seen anywhere near the garden! ;)

Course we havent seen many crows in general in my area but hey ;) critters have been in the vicinity garden so I am crediting our crack security scarecrow with that honor!

This is just some of the bounty we picked while in the garden! Tomatoes, zucchini, baby squash, bell peppers green and purple, hot peppers, leaf lettuce, and some onions.

Yummy! Looks to pretty to eat! This bunch went home with my daughter in exchange for her labors!

You know theres a lot of love in the garden when the tomatoes start growing in the shape of a heart!

What a perfect example of my garden!!!!!

P.S. Yes thats a regular shoe you see on my left foot too! Not the old Herman Munster shoe anymore!!!!!

I will share more pictures on my next trek to the garden!

Much love from the garden!!!!

Blessings ! Blessings ! Blessings!

Wow Wow Wow! What an amazing blessing of a week in the shop it has been so far!!!The newspaper article has generated so much interest that we are selling so much stuff we will have to place orders this week just to restock! And our sidewalk sale has been a huge success, we have been clearing out some older merchandise to make room for more and our customers have really been helping us there!

We were absolutely slammed Tuesday with triple the normal days business, and Weds and today we have had more than double our normal business! We have had sooo many new people in that it is just awesome! And mixed in with that we have had many of our regulars Rebecca, Rachel, Tammy, Patti, Missy, etc... and some old faces Kori, Carol...we hadn't seen in awhile! Some folks have come from as far as Boone county because of the news article!

Yesterday Ron an old friend stopped by with some neat vintage stuff he found for us at a great price! And some more handmade birdhouses he has made! Today Patti a wonderful new friend we have gotten to know this year brought us a "van load" no exaggeration here...of silk flowers, ribbon, wire and etc to make floral arrangements with and get this she wont take a penny for them! God has so richly blessed me in this shop that no matter how many blogs I post I cant begin to give him the praise enough! Thanks to him for bringing us all these wonderful new friends!

Its just so amazing that everytime I get a wee bit concerned about a slow day or anything like that God so buries me in blessings that its a wonder I can carry them! I pray for a cup full and he fills the whole cupboard and runs it over!

Prayers Requested-

Today I heard from our dear friend Tina, we have missed her for the last couple weeks! She has been battling some health problems and we pray that the doctors be guided by God to heal her body! We send her much love and prayers! She is soooo awesome!

My sister Terry needs your prayers too! Her diabetes is not good at all and she also has had to start on medication for her thyroid too, so please keep her in your prayers! She is my right hand and I cant imagine not having her at my side!

Please pray for Tammy (dollmaker) and Terry (furniture guy) Conley's mom she is in the hospital with some intestinal problems and needs our prayers!

Thanks to all! See you soon!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hallelujah, Yippee, Hooray, Amen, Yeehaw etc etc etc

HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Dont ya want to know how my orthopede appt went today huh huh huh dont ya???? Maybe I will keep you guessing a wee bit longer...... LOL

The doc says probably no surgery will be necessary in the future!!!!! Knee is healing, and ankle is doing well with some possible tears but healing well. Doc says I can start a wee bit at a time taking off my Herman Munster shoe and walking a few steps!!!! Oh man I have begun that already you ask? You betcha! I walked to the fridge for a celebratory bowl of ice cream and to the ladies room and back just wearing regular shoes! WOO HOO!!! It sure feels funny, my left foot, ankle and knee seem to have forgotten normal movement and they are very stiff and ackward....what a surprise after over 30 days in a protective boot right? DUH!!! I can see some muscle tone has been lost but with brief periods of walking without the support of the boot I should make small strides to get my normal motion back! Doc says he will followup with me in 30 days unless I have pain or any problems before then!

Wooooooo hoooo I am so thankful so very thankful that it doesnt look like I will need surgery! God is sooooo good! I had prepared myself to hear the worst today and it wasnt to be! What a marvelous surprise!

This means I can start driving my car again and maybe soon I can get back to gardening! Man that will be one tear jerking happy event I can just tell you now! There will be pictures to share of that monumental moment for sure!

Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who have been calling and texting to check on me today after the appt, I love you guys! And thanks to the great healer for without his touch I wouldnt be celebrating this victory surgery free!

Love you all!

49, 49.49...

My husband and I spent Sunday with his family in Sandyville. We visited awhile at his brother and sister in laws "Lynn & Karens summer home" and then went to his sister Dianne's house nearby.We dont get to see all of them often enough and they are the only family my husband has left on his side. His brother lives in Morgantown and his sister splits her time between WV and North Carolina so they arent all in the area at the same time and it is a bit tougher to get all three siblings together.

There were a lot of laughs shared and pictures shown and catching up to do on whats been going on with our families. It was as always a very enjoyable day.

My sister in law Dianne brought out some pictures of when she had a foot injury and had to wear a protective boot and also would you believe a picture of when my late mother in law Ruth also had a foot injury. What we discovered at that moment was we all hurt an ankle at the age of 49. What a quirky little coincidence that is. Dianne stepped in a hole at a WVU game and injured hers, Ruth stepped off a curb shopping and broke hers, and I fell gardening injuring mine.

My husbands family has always been so welcoming to me and this similarity is only a coincidence but I feel as if I have been initiated into some form of family sorority with this injury at 49. LOL I couldnt think of nicer ladies to be in a sorority with! Now what would we call it...hmm????

The shop on Saturday was extremely busy all day. There were our "regulars" as Norm on Cheers would say, you know the ones we recognizing, know by name, know what they like, colors they will pick, what project they are working on....and then a lot of brand new faces that came in because of the front page newspaper story that came out Friday evening. What a blessing that was! We met several new folks that we know will be back again and again and who knows they just may become regulars....

Today is my return visit to the orthopedic surgeon and I am hoping beyond hope that my injuries are healing as they are supposed to and minimal intervention will be needed to get me baack on my feet. But on a logical note, I have observed that the left foot and leg are losing muscle tone and the bruising and swelling still continues in the ankle. I have also felt the pain in the knee when I try to move it in a more normal way, so even though I am hopeful I know things arent quite right and there will possibly be surgery and more than probably physical therapy in the future. Ahh well I could have broken my back or neck when I fell then I would have had something to complain about wouldnt I?

I am hoping we can hold off any surgery for a little while as I am supposeed to ride with family to Hagerstown on cycles for the races there on July 26, and then the first weekend in August is a Girls Only trip to Amish country. So I have to be able to limp, crip, hobble, or some pseudo form of walking to get around and enjoy them.

On a more serious note please keep the Scantlins, Toneys, and Craig Kunselman in your prayers. I have been mentioning them in past blogs and they are still in need of prayers. I also ask that you pray for someone that has a silent prayer request too. God knows what they need.

I will close for now but I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the shop sometime soon!


Friday, July 11, 2008

The Connection Was Broken

Wow, its good to be back! Our internet and phone service at home have been out the past four days and it has made me crazy! I didnt realize how much I use the internet until I couldnt access it. And the house has been so quiet in the evening without the phone ringing. But I'm back now!!!!

This week has been a good one in the shop and the weekend just promises to be even better! Today a story about our shop and a picture of my sis and myself came out on the front page of the local Kanawha/Putnam Ad Mailer newspaper. The story and pciture were great and we have had a lot of calls today alone from folks who saw the story and wanted directions to the shop. We also had at least 6 people in this afternoon that came because of the article that had never been in the shop. Thanks to Jack Herod for helping get that story published and for the nice picture. Jack is way more than the sales rep for the paper he is also our friend! We always look forward to seeing him in the shop!

Tomorrow we will be having a big sidewalk sale at the shop with alot of clearance items out front along with a lot of large ticket items drastically marked down inside the store for this one day only sale! Some large items will be as much as $100.00 off! It promises to be a busy day!

Saturday evening is also the big Toney-Hutchison wedding! We are all so excited for Leslie on her big day! We wish her and Thomas all the best! I am sure the day will be an emotional one for the family as JL (her dad) had another treatment for his mesothelioma this week! Keep him and his family in your prayers please!

Saw an old friend I hadnt seen for over 20 years yesterday! Cindy who was in town from Mississippi for the Toney wedding and she just suprised me by popping into my store. We sure shared a lot of hugs, tears and reminisces! We both had the blessing of growing up in loving familys in our small hometown of Eleanor here in WV. It was so nice to see her face and hear what she has been up to! God is in her smile! You have to love that!

Terry C. brought us a beautiful console table for the shop this week. He made it from recycled barnwood and planed and sanded it. It has three drawers and the workmanship is amazing! Everyone who has seen it has commented about it and several say on payday it will be gone! If I can get a picture before it sells I will try to share it with you.

Linda Scantlins sister in law was in this week and she says Linda isnt doing well at all. Im sure it wont be long until our friend leaves this impermanent home for her heavenly one! Keep her and the family in your prayers!

Wish me luck my orthopedic appt is monday afternoon and I am soo hoping they tell me good news about my knee and ankle! It would be so nice to be able to get back on both feet soon!

Love to all, See you soon,


Sunday, July 6, 2008

The men behind the REAL 4th of July

4th of July

Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence?

Five were captured by the British as traitors, tortured before they died.

Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned.

Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured.

Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War.

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

What kind of men were they?

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists.

Eleven were merchants, nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured.

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags.

Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward.

Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton,Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton.

At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over his home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt.

Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months.

John Hart was driven from his wife 's bed side as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished.

Some of us take these liberties so much for granted, but we shouldn't.

So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid.

Remember: freedom is never free! I hope you will show your support by sending this to as many people as you can, please.

Patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more to it than beer, picnics, and baseball games.

God Bless America!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mornings and Whining...

Ever have a morning like this??? I have had several lately. I havent had much uninterrupted sleep since my fall. The injured knee and ankle are hard to get comfortable and once I get comfortably positioned and cushioned between extra pillows and I fall asleep then during my sleep I move and then ouch Im awake and flopping around trying to get my knee and ankle comfortable all over again. Sigh...I know Im whining but sleep helps make every other part of my life so much better.

And along with this injury and the protective boot I am wearing comes an inability to drive my car. I learned to drive "two-footed" and I cant just drive with one foot and I certainly cant work the brake pedal with this heavy boot, that would be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Headlines read "Woman in Herman Munster Boot Drives Car over Hillside"... or something equally traumatic! :) eek....

Since I cant drive I have been riding with my hubby as he goes to work and he has been dropping me by my shop two hours earlier than usual. This is seriously cutting in to my beauty rest...and heaven knows I need all of that I can get!;) But I am grateful he can take me to work! And he has been running extra errands too bless his heart he will be equally glad when this is all over!

I tend to get a wee bit cranky when I dont get at least my 8 hours of sleep several days in a row, and you guessed it feeling cranky all ready this morning....sigh.... just need some rest. Today my husband is out of town so my sis is coming to pick me up. This did allow me some more sleep, yeah!!!! Now if I can just work in an afternoon nap I will be set!

Seems as I get older I require more sleep than I used to. I know for a fact that as a teen and young adult I probably didnt sleep more than 4 hours a night and functioned just fine. Or did I? hmmm...

Anyway enough of my whining......

Today should be another great day on the shop. It has been very busy all week with folks trying to decorate for the 4th and people just back from vacation trying to get ready for summer parties and such buying new curtains and decorations and other needfuls for their homes. Its such fun to help them find things they can enjoy in their homes!

My sis Terry finished up Leslies wedding bouquet yesterday and Leslie got a sneak peak. She and her sis Hannah were so excited. Leslie wanted to hug Terry but she had just come from the swimming pool and was still wet. Terry creates beautiful flowers and its awesome to see the reaction of the brides and their families when they are finished. She has a gift!

I have met customers from Arkansas, and Oregon both this week.We had to specially wrap their purchases to get them safely back home. And they assured me when they were back this way visiting family again they would be back. How nice is that?? Does that make the shop pseudo family??? I would like to think so.

We have several new customers this week and one in particular from Middlebourne who will be shopping every week she says! She is working on a long term assignment in my area and goes home only on the weekends and has a brand new home she is decorating. She says our prices and quality are better than the biggest shops in her area and she will be stocking up! Hoorah for us!

We have sold several handmade pieces this week and one of our local craftsmen Terry will be bringing in more items today too. He makes us some awesome pieces out of recycled barn wood. He has made benches, shelves, mirrors, planters shaped like wheelbarrows and wagons and more. All his items sell very well the workmanship is wonderful and the items are handmade one of a kind so customers are assured of having unique items no one else has in their home. I cant wait to see whats on his truck today.

Tina, decorative painter is supposed to be in the shop today with more of her consigned artwork! Always look forward to her visits and her artwork! She is truly a blessing to have as a friend and a gift to have as a consigner!

Tammy, primitive doll maker should be popping in this week with an old friend thats in town for a few days. The old friend grew up around here and moved away as a child. Havent seen her in years and am looking forward to it.

I will close for now with a request that you keep Linda Scantlin on your prayer list. Her sister Trish was in yesterday and she said Linda wasnt doing well at all. We love Linda and miss her daily visits in the shop but we also know she has a ticket for paradise when she leaves this earth. Although we will miss our friend we know their will be much celebrating when she reaches Heaven.

Keep her family in your hearts and prayers as well, most are saved but all are not and we pray they all get to know our Father so the chain wont be broken on the other side.

Have a marvelous day and see you soon!