Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Cant Beleive I Ate...Amish Country

Wow! I want to say I just came back from my first trip to Amish Country in Ohio and I don't believe I have ever eaten as much or enjoyed food as much in my life! I am quite certain if I lived there I would be one gigantic roly poly Stay Puff Marshmallow Woman in a very short while! ;)

My sis, her best friend Lisa and I all left on Saturday evening after the shop closed and headed to Walnut Creek, Ohio. We stayed in the Butlers Quarters, nice accommodations in someones home and we stayed until Monday night late!

We hit the antique malls and such on Sunday and drove along all the outlying areas where the Amish people really lived and I loved it. Their farms and homes are so spotlessly clean and well kept and the flowers and vegetable gardens in their yards are absolutely beautiful. Its so much fun to see all the little children playing and all the horse drawn buggies everywhere. It makes you wish for a simpler life too.
On Monday early we spent time in Berlin, Sugar Creek, New Philadelphia and so many other places I cant begin to name them all. We sampled cheese and baked goods and ate at so many yummy restaurants that I was in serious danger of exploding I'm quite sure.We had a ball and got to experience just a fraction of the area, and I cant wait to return!
I did manage to pick up a few unique items for the shop and plan on getting more from some contacts I made there too. Some of the items are already being snatched up and flying out the doors! We crammed the vehicle clear full of purchases and headed home carefully! :)
The shop itself has been very busy with everyone coming in to see all the new Fall merchandise. If you haven't been in lately you are missing it for sure! We have had to reorder a lot of our Fall merchandise again as it is flying out of the store! And our newest consignment items are turning heads also! We received some hand crafted items from Ron yesterday, Tammy today and should receive some from Tina on Friday! Love it love it!
Today was my sister Terry's birthday and we hung banners and balloons all over the store to celebrate with her! We had a ball and the customers who were in today got a kick out of it as well!
Please put Danny Erlewine on your prayer lists. Danny as most of you know is one of the talented artisans that makes furniture for the shop. Danny just recently had a total knee replacement and he is rehabbing and trying to get back on his feet! Pray for his wife Judy to as she helps him heal!
Also I have some unspoken prayer requests for friends with family problems. Please send up a prayer for them, the man upstairs knows the need.
Hope you stop in soon to say hello! Take care!

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Tina said...

I'm so glad you had fun in my old stomping grounds. I'll was just there a week ago and I'll be going back in another week. I love it there and I would love to be your tour guide anytime!!
Aren't you glad God hears our prayer requests both spoken and unspoken. I'll keep Danny in my prayers this week.
See ya Friday sometime and tell that sis of yours HAPPY BELATED B-DAY from me.