Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Autumn is Arriving...

Wow has the shop been busy lately!!!
I have barely had time to get some pictures of new items that have been arriving before they sell out!!! Its just been absolutely amazing!!!

The new items that have been coming in are just awesome and the speed at which they are leaving the shop is mind boggling.....

Below are but a handful of images of new items recently arrived!!!! Most of the items featured are hand crafted by local artisans!!! WVA has some wonderful artists and craftsmen and women!!! Wonderful!!!!

These jack o lanterns have electric lights in them!

Love this grungy birdhouse church...

Hey this pumpkin head doll is a hoot isn't she???

and more new dolls....

This prim nailhead doll and her crow pie side kick are hysterical!
What will the artisans bring in next???

How about this piece made from repurposed stockade fencing?

Or this beautiful bench made from a baby bed???

Or perhaps you are looking for a mini wall quilt depicting a saltbox house?

Or a pumpkin in the center?

Or an Amish style chair????

Or this tall lanky scarecrow?

Or this scarecrow????

What about this fiendish ghoul????

How about a small primitive cabinet???
Handmade of course...

Or a hand made tea dyed americana quilt?

Or one of several hand made samplers????

What about another new primitive piece of furniture?

Or some grungy pumpkins????

Or mini witches hats???

Or kats????
Jack o lanterns?
or witches?

What about owls ? Or pottery?

What about gourds painted with cats and jack o lanterns???

Or vintage ironing boards with moon images????

Or spooky painted canvases?????

My goodness we have soooo many more new items that I couldn't even get pictures of all of them and more arrived today and more will arrive tomorrow!!!!!

Don't miss out stop in soon!!!!!! Autumn is arriving more every day!!!!!!

Happy Fall Y'All!!!!


Tina said...

CG is stuffed to the rafters with the unique and that includes the proprietor and her sidekick too.

Love you gals

jenn said...

I LOVE that white bench!!

Deb said...

T & Jenn you gals rock and I always love seeing both of your smiling faces in the shop!!!

Hope to see you both soon, cause even more stuff has arrived!!!!!