Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More New Stufffffff

One of Nancy's new stools shown here is also setting on top of just one of the braided rugs now available for sale in our shop...
One of Nancy's slab desks...sold two others as fast as they came in....

Beautiful primitive style cabinet built by Jerry...
several other pieces he has built are also in the shop now...

Valentine table setting items available now...

Handcrafted prim stars by Tammy...in a hand made pie basket from The Reed's...

Solid cherry cabinet built by Rodger with copper bins recently arrived and recently sold....It was a beauty and I hope to get Rodger to create some more furniture for us!

Antique prim sink originally from Greta's Antique Barn....the top lifts up too...

Savannah Cinnamon mixes just like you find in Amish Country now available at Country Gatherings while supplies last! The Praline Mix makes wicked party mix!!! Yummy!!!!
Also more new yummy Rabbit Creek items now in stock!

Just a few holiday markdowns left...

Rabbit Creek items all stocked up now and ready!!!
Including new coca cola cake mixes, root beer cake mixes,
brownie mixes and other yummy stuff!!!!
Kathy's Kritter's gourmet dog treats are going like hotcakes....
having real trouble keeping them stocked they have fast become a shop favorite
for our dog loving customers...
This lovely young lady created by Tammy
recently arrived and is looking for a new home....

This prim raggedy doll also from Tammy is ready for adoption...

These sweet prim bowl filler angels created by Tammy are going fast....

This is just one of the new samplers that have arrived lately
and more are on the way....

This primitive recipe box would make an awesome addition to any kitchen...

Had to share a quick peek at two commissioned pieces awaiting pick up by a customer.
Tina created these and they are beautiful!

Closer view of Nancy's prim desk....
Many more new items available to many to show you here and three more shipments are expected just this week alone!!!!
Hurry down to see them all before you miss out!!!

Snowed In

Yeah..... so this is the view of the hillside near my house that horses usually graze on....its covered in 4 inches or more of snow and it's still falling....
This is a view of a section of our fence near the driveway with snow shoveled yet still piled up to the fence...

This is a partial view of the drivewayand it's slope up to the main road...see any tire tracks???? foot prints??? hmmmmmm

This is the driveway or it was a driveway or at least somewhere under this lovely deep quiet snow there used to be a driveway.....sigh....

This guy has the right idea hang close to the feeder and avoid the snow altogether......

Now this lil bird may really have the best idea... just hide out in the feeder,
no worries about snow or cats or going hungry.....

This is where my vegetable garden is in the summer...sigh....good thing that lil outhouse isn't the real thing...sure wouldn't be much fun to hike to it right now brrrrr....

These are just a few brief images my hubby snapped this morning while he is trying to dig us out so we can get to work....The irony of all his digging is.....it's still falling rather heavily here and more is coming this afternoon and evening and if we manage to get out off the ridge today we may have trouble getting back in to the house tonight....ahhhhh...
living in the country.... it's such a mixed blessing........
Wish us luck!
See ya later!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

We won an Award!!!!

We won the Lemonade Award from our great friend Tina over at The Artful Life ! Thanks T you are the best and we are grateful you thought us worthy of the award! The name of this award also seems very timely since the Devil has thrown us some lemons lately! LOL

What this award is about...
Bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude.

What you have to do...
Upon receiving The Lemonade Award, you also pass it on to other bloggers who you think show great attitude and gratitude.

Here are the rules:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.

2. Nominate at least 5 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!

3. Link to your nominees within your post.

4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I am passing this award onto the following bloggers:


Scattered Among The Mess- This chick has attitude and gratitude and she shares both!


The Olde Weeping Cedar- Love her attitude and grattitude!


3 Guys A Girl and a Prim Place- Sweet lady sharing her grattitude!


Apifera Farms- Love her outlook on life and her service to animals!


The Meanest Mom- What can I say looove her attitude!

Thanks to all these bloggers you make me smile!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Charleston Newspapers Story about My Dad

The following story ran in the Charleston Newspapers Gazette and Daily Mail editions both on Thursday January 1, 2009. It came as a total surprise to my family.
It was titled, "Kanawha Valley Loses Veteran Coach, Class Act". It was written by J.T. Simms one of the Daily Mail sports writers.

CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- Many people, especially the young athletes of Putnam County, lost a good friend Tuesday morning when Joe Fox passed away from a heart attack at age 72.

He worked with youth sports in the Eleanor and Buffalo areas for 48 years.
Usually referred to simply as "Coach Fox," he founded the youth basketball programs in both towns.

He coached Little League softball, was an assistant middle school boys basketball coach and was the first coach of the Buffalo freshman volleyball team.Along the way, Fox also coached baseball and assisted with both track and football. He also coached teams in various summer independent leagues.

The last eight years, he served as coach of the George Washington Middle School girls basketball program.Whenever young athletes in the Eleanor and Buffalo areas needed a program or a coach, Fox was there.

I had the privilege of coaching a Big League softball team with him one summer. First, the team won the area league. Then, we were fortunate enough to coach a very talented All-Star group from District 3 that won state and regional titles. Joe served as the manager and was always humble in the face of success and quick to give the credit to the players.

Many people, including myself, learned a great deal from Joe with his most important lessons involving how to treat others.

Married to his wife, Helen, for 52 years, Fox was the consummate family man.

He coached his daughters, Debbie and Terry, and later his grandchildren. He was looking forward to coaching his great-granddaughter, Emmy Jo.

He always was known to be one to put God, family and friends ahead of himself.

When Joe approached you, his hand always was outstretched and when he asked "How have you been doing?" he really wanted to know and honestly cared.

He will be sorely missed.

One only can assume there was an opening in heaven for someone to coach youngsters.

Thank you John....

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Loss of My Father

Joseph W Fox
1936- 2008

Where do I start....Tuesday December 30th, 2008 started as any other day, I got dressed and headed out of the house to run errands before I opened the shop that day. I heard my cell phone ringing in the car and saw that my parents were trying to call me. I live out in the country and have spotty service so I couldn't pick up the call. I tried three times while I was on the road and still couldn't get the call through so I decided to wait until I got into town to call them back to see what they needed.

When I got into town and tried to call them back their phone was busy. I then pulled in to make my bank deposit for the shop just as I do every day and my phone rang, it was my 29 year old son. He said I needed to come home....it didn't register in my brain what he was saying and I asked him what was going on....then he said it.....Papaw is dead..........I couldn't believe what I was hearing My Dad Dead???? and I accused my son of making a sick joke, but he started bawling on the phone and I knew deep in the pit of my stomach something was dreadfully wrong. I peeled out of the bank and headed around the street where my parents lived hoping beyond hopes that this wasn't really happening... but there were what seemed to be tons of cars in front of my parents house and an ambulance....Oh dear God I then knew it was true.....my Dad was dead!

I raced up on the front porch only to look through the front door and see my fathers body still seated in his favorite chair in a very normal position with his socks still in his hand ( he was getting dressed to go out when he died). Even though I was seeing him with my very own eyes my brain wasn't computing the facts and my son grabbed me in his arms and we spent a while just sobbing.

I then went into the other room where my sister was consoling my mother. We all sobbed together for what seemed like awhile. According to my mom, she had just stepped away from Dad for a few seconds into the bathroom and when she stepped back out of the bathroom he was gone....just like the Bible says "in the blink of an eye."

Wow what a shock it has been to us all, we thought Dad would live forever, we never in a million years expected to lose him so soon. But thanks be to God that Dad was saved and we know he has gone on to his heavenly home and our parting is only temporary.

The outpouring of sympathy since his passing has been humbling, so many have called, many have fed us, sent us cards, sent flowers, donated money to the school on his behalf, wrote story's in the paper, and some have simply stood with us during this difficult time. Words cant express how much each person who has expressed their concern means to us. The number of people who came to the service was mind boggling, and the funeral had to be held up almost 2 hours to accommodate them all, we were very much comforted by all of them. Thanks to Pastor David and his church for all they have done for us, we love you very much.

Now we must go on and continue Dads legacy of love and compassion and caring.

We must all live like he did putting others before self so that his memory can live on through us.

We are Dads living legacy.

Thanks to all of you we will get through.