Monday, March 9, 2009

My Newest Toy

Ok ok so my old cell phone was ok, I mean it made calls and had some limited texting capabilities ( like me) and it could take a pic, although not the greatest pic but hey it served its purpose for a long time.
When he bought it My Hubs wanted to get me one with more bells and whistles and I said no thanks don't need them, and didn't ... at the time. Now with the shop and all my traveling and wanting to check online banking and shipment verifications and email I needed a phone with a wee bit more capabilities.

But alas I may be many things but a genius with electronics I ain't! I have trouble with simple tasks like setting the time on the VCR, Who knew it wasn't supposed to flash 12:00???? Setting my alarm clock after a power outage can melt my get the picture???? KISS that's my motto!

So today I had to admit I needed more.... and off I go with the Hubs to the phone store to search for a better option. First I would just like to ask this question...Is anyone else intimidated when they walk in the phone store besides me??? I don't know what I am looking for and I cant understand half of what the sales people are talking about...sigh....good thing the Hubs is an electronic wizard!!!

All I did know was I needed a real keyboard so I can send a text message that is spelled correctly, I need to be able to access my email while I am mobile and want something user friendly.....and would rather have something small to fit in my pocket too.

We looked at a few that had QWERTY keyboards that also didn't involve selling one of our children to buy them. It came down to two choices, one of which was more like a Blackberry, you know PDA type phone....tooooo many bells and whistles on that one, and one called the Samsung Propel.

This phone has a full keyboard, hands-free talking capability, which is good for one who cant walk and chew gum at the same time much less drive and talk on cell!!!! It takes great pictures, and I can get on the Internet with it easily and check my email too... It also has a slide feature that lets the keyboard slide behind the face so it wont be accidentally pushed in my gigantic tote bag, another huge plus!!!!

I had three choices of colors and I picked the green one, why I don't know but it seemed the less obtrusive of the three...

I have spent the evening playing with it, putting phone numbers in and sending text messages, taking a picture or two and just generally trying to learn how to use it, and I will say its pretty user friendly even for an old fart like me!

Well thats what I have been up to today! See you soon!



jenn said...

Cute phone! I like those....I need a new one, but we're waiting for the old contract to expire first...we have to wait until July!

Deb said...


yeah I understand that, my contract was up and with rebate this one cost me less than 50.00 smackaroos, it was too good to pass up!!!


Beth Ann said...

I do know what you mean - I may be the only person in WV without a personal cell phone for that very reason - the store is WAY too intimidating and forget trying to get a simple flat rate. I know I'm in trouble when the salesperson starts fluttering...

Deb said...

Beth Ann,

I didnt have a cell till my Hubs talked me into it, now I dont know what I would do without it...with work and home its nice to keep in touch!