Friday, March 20, 2009

"Old" New Cabinet

The pictures below show a new deep bottom hutch we just completed the finish work on. It was created by our friend Ron of St. Albans from re-purposed lumber and its really nice. It has loads of storage in the bottom and tons of display opportunity's with its multiple shelves, plate grooves and mirror inset in the back.

Check out these close ups of the wonderful prim finish that Terry gave this piece. The patina looks sooo good in places one might think its an old cabinet instead of a reproduction piece.

We painted, sanded, primmed and stained it. My Sis did most of the work!
This hutch won't be in the shop long as it has already had several hard looks from customers the very day we brought it in.

Better stop in soon and see it before it's gone!


Kath said...

It's beautiful, Deb!
Love the finish, just perfect! ;)

Have a wonderful weekend.

jenn said...

That came out great!! I love it!

Deb said...

Ohh my ladies you should just see it in person!

My sis rocks when she prims a cabinet! I have actually been asked if its an old cabinet!!! Love it!!

Thanks for the love!