Saturday, June 13, 2009

Specially Commissioned Cabinets

This week two special painting projects were finished up in the shop by my sister Terry. The two vintage all white cabinets were brought in by Sherry, a longtime friend and customer. The cabinets had been in storage in her basement for sometime and had once belonged to her mother.
One was a white painted chimney style cabinet, and the other white cabinet was larger and had a pair of glass doors on the top above a drawer and two solid doors on the bottom.
Sherry wanted to have them finished in such a way that she could give them their well deserved pride of place in her home. So she asked my sister if she would tackle the job of painting, sanding, staining and priming them. Terry said yes.
The pictures that follow show the cabinets nearing completion and finished. My sister spent a lot of hours and elbow grease on them over a few week period, and they were absolutely beautiful when they were completed. They both had a cranberry under glaze, prim treatment, hand applied stars , refinished hardware and an oil rubbed finish when completed.
Every customer who was privileged to see them wanted to take them home before Sherry picked them up.

Sherry was so thrilled when she came to pick them up that we all got a bit teary eyed, and her generosity in paying for the commissioned work was overwhelming! She went above and beyond what we priced the job for and ever expected to receive. It's unlikely that we forget her act of kindness for years to come!
We hope to see completed pictures of the cabinets once they find their new place in her home.
See what you think about the multiple step finishes they both received.

Awesome job Terry! Your work rocks! Sure glad you are my sister AND my partner in crime!
Sherry thanks again for giving us the opportunity to bring your mothers cabinets to life!
We look forward to serving you again anytime, its been an honor!


Kath said...

They look beautiful!! :)


Deb said...

Thanks Kath, they really are!

Tina said...

Fabo job there girly girls! Terry is a treasure as are you.

Deb said...

Thanks T, you are a treasure to both of us too!