Thursday, July 23, 2009

WOW! More New Treasures!!!!!

Every time I think the artisans that consign in my shop can't get any better they not only exceed "the bar" they blow it away!!!
I have to say we handle some of the best hand crafted items in our area!
Currently we handle merchandise for 16 local craftsmen
and women that range in age from 29 to 67 years old!!

I have tried to take some pictures of new items but some just don't to the items justice. You have to see them and touch them to really appreciate them!

This awesome hand pieced and hand quilted runner depicts a saltbox house in the center and it is awesome! Its longer than the craftswoman Amy, who made it is tall! Just beautiful!!!! Below is a closeup of the center.

The neat little table below by Darrell was made from a repurposed door and spindles from a vintage baby bed. If I had room for it in my home it would already be gone! Next to it you can barely see part of a 4 ft grapevine tree hand crafted locally too. We just got a shipment of them and only 2 remain!

A hint of the view looking in the shop from outside.....

This two story bird house is an original made by our youngest consigner Jennifer.......

This one too was made by our youngest consigner.....

Sweet arrangement Terry made on an old window won't be in the shop long...

Four different samplers handcrafted locally were brought in today,
one of them is shown below.... I looove Tammy's samplers....

Chenille corn on the cob... there will be more.....

This amazing primitive step back cabinet was brought in today.
It was hand crafted by Jennifer our youngest artisan!
You have to see her work!

This vintage rocker is also a recent arrival from Darrell, tooo cute...

This little primitive table is a vintage find!!!

This primitive cabinet with its chicken wire doors made by Darrell would make
an awesome place to display quilts or linens!

This marriage piece by Darrell below is awesome.
It was constructed from a couple pieces of vintage furniture then primmed out!

This sweet lil chair for your primitive doll or to hold your plant arrived in our shop literally in pieces... happily it has been granted a new life....

These are some of our newest arrivals and more consigners are due to bring their newest items in tomorrow! Don't wait... stop in soon to see these and many many other beautifully crafted pieces.

We are blessed with artisans who we can also call friends!


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