Sunday, February 15, 2009

Even More Artisan's Hand Crafted Items

Below are just a few pics that will hopefully give you an idea of some of the amazing hand crafted items consigned in my shop. I feel honored to have so many fine West Virginia artisans and craft people represented in my shop!

This reproduction utensil holder comes from Darrell of Red House. Its made from a very old repurposed timber. Its just beautiful and the texture of it is awesome....He will have to create some more of these I am sure.

This rustic feeling bookcase with its scalloped detail on top comes from Danny of Hurricane. He was our original consigner and his hand crafted items are still some of our very favorite pieces. I have commissioned him to make furniture for my own home even!

This wonderful prim tea dyed sampler was stitched and framed by Tammy of Red House. It's always exciting to see her car pull up in front of the shop because I never know what she will bring next!

This handpainted cabinet painted and primmed by my sister Terry and I disappeared quickly within just a few days of finishing it and moving it to the sales floor. Amazing!

This fun sign was created by Tina of Charleston and like all her handpainted items its a keeper!
We always love seeing her smiling face!

This mini raggedys were created by Tammy of Red House and are selling like hotcakes!
Even the babies in their momma's arms have to have one to take home!

This is one of the beautiful hand woven handbags made by the Reed family of Buffalo.
They do wonderful work.
Each bag even has a handmade unique liner. I own two of them myself!
The two angels on the ladder are Tammy's, the towel is Tina's and the ladders were made by Tony of Cross Lanes.

This hand pieced and stitched lap quilt was sewn by Jill of Hurricane.
She creates beautiful items totally hand stitched.

These handpainted welcome pineapples were created by Jerry of Cross Lanes and painted by my sister Terry. They are custom made for each customer.
These were just a few of our newer hand crafted items arriving weekly. Wont you stop by and take a look at the quality locally crafted items today. We buy WV first, USA second and only imports as our last resort!
Stop by soon!!!!


Kath said...

Very nice pieces! Lots of talents :)

Have a wonderful day, Kath

Deb said...


Thanks so much. We are very proud of our local craftsmen and women! It feels nice to be able to showcase their work in our shop!