Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lost??? Nahhh Just Hurting Some and Misplaced...

Yeah I know I know I haven't posted in so long that I almost forgot how, but I am back after some speed bumps and pitfalls, windstorms, i ce storms, loss of electricity, illness and other sundry craziness and I promise I will post a nice update on new stuff in the shop and another awesome new consigner that some of you will know.... her name is Mitzi...hmm sound familiar locally?????. I will share some pics in the next couple days of her new items as well as others new items like Tina's and Jill's.

Did have a glorious Valentines Day today with my hubs, roses, cards, nice dinner in a local Thai restaurant... but it sure was bittersweet since today is my Moms first Valentines Day without my Dad. Mom spent the day with me in the shop and she was struggling with her emotions. 52 years with someone isn't something you can just forget in a month or so....

You know some things just suck no matter how you try to deal with them. We all miss Dad plain and simple no candy coating, we just miss him.... we know he is in a better place but we are sure feeling our loss heavily right now...

I seem to be carrying this big gaping sucking hole in my chest now days that just hurts really bad from time to time and always when I am not expecting it. Sigh...... There are so many things I wish I could share with him, so many times already that I wanted to ask his opinion on something only to realize I cant just call him up or stop by and see him anymore....

All this sure makes me look even more forward to the day our family will be reunited in Heaven...... cant even imagine that reunion its gonna be an awesome one!!!

Well its good to be back and thanks again to all my friends in the shop and all my blog friends for all the support and love and prayers you have sent our way lately, they haven't gone unnoticed and you are loved more than you will ever know!

Please add someone to your prayer list for me Nafi & Scott Woodard, as they struggle to try and keep Nafi's pregnancy viable. She is having a real hard time as they have miscarried before and want this baby very desperately. Send love her way if you know her!

God Bless you all and Happy Valentines Day to you!



Beth Ann said...

Hey- just joined up to follow your Blog. LOVE LOVE LOVE your shop! I'm just down the road in Hurricane and was in on Valentine's Day and saw your Mom there. I'm so sorry about your Dad - it must be hard. I'm a Dad's girl myself - my pic is of me and Dad - one of my favs.
I'm new to blogging so check me out at
~Beth Ann

Deb said...

Beth Ann,
Thanks for the love about my Dad. He was irreplaceable! I miss him very much!

So glad you have been in the shop hope you had fun and will consider returning again and again... Loved your site..into yourself the next time you are in we seem to have much in common!

Thanks for following my blog!!!