Saturday, February 21, 2009

Special Consigner delivery- New Art Work

This picture and the two below are pictures of a vintage metal locker cabinet that Teresa of Frazier's Bottom brought in the shop this morning! It is one awesome cabinet!!! This picture is part of the design on the left side which also includes a Bible verse.
This picture is part of the image painted on the front of the locker. There are small bee's flying all over with sweet lil words over each one of them like bee-lieve, and bee- good...

This picture is on the right side of the locker. It depicts an Americana image with the pledge of allegiance on it, a nice sized prim sheep and some mischievous looking crows...

This vintage cheese box was also created by Teresa, It is another wonderfully creative piece.

This adorable child's chair was brought in by Tina of Charleston yesterday. Its awesome!

This sweet lil child's chair with the moon man face on the seat was also painted by Tina. I love her moon faces, and soo do many of my customers....

Teresa brought in this lil primmed vintage suitcase today also. Its another sweet lil piece.

This saltbox scene painted on a cabinet door was brought in my Tina. Beautiful!

This painted canvas by Tina is another beauty. Won't be in the shop long!

This sweet lil painting on a cabinet door also by Tina would be sweet
in a very girly room or even the powder room!

What can I say anything she paints with a bit of a sunflower on it is striking!
Another beauty!

This neat lil vintage purse from Teresa is so sweet.
My sis and I may have to arm wrestle for this one before a customer ever gets a chance at it!!!
These are but a few of the pieces that have arrived the last couple days. More have arrived, more shipments and more hand delivered consignments. I will post more in the next couple days.

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