Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Holy Cow More New Stuff Arrived Today!!!!

Tooo many items to name came in this week!
From candles, to furniture, to textiles, to needfuls and prims just a huge variety!

Handmade by Tammy, sunflowers, samplers, and runners.

Handmade by Faye country and prim print valances, most lined and some with appliques.

Terry and Lisa are working on a cabinet commissioned by Sherry.
It belonged to her mother and she is having it and another one primmed as well.

Kathy brought in new hand stitched pillows with an Americana feel.

Faye made the patched pillow.

Darrell built the cabinet.

Terry C. built the chairs from Poplar.

Darrell and Julia framed some prints.

Mitzi brought in a bunch of crows in all manner of prim things.



Mitzi created the stack of shaker boxes.
Crows on watermelon slices...

Mama and her kittens by Mitzi.

These are but a few of the items we received this week! You cant believe all the new stuff unless you see it! And the Spring Sale is still going on with almost all the shops furniture on sale!
Stop in soon!
P.S. On a personal note thanks for all the prayers, tests are finished my heart is ok, and my surgery has been scheduled for May 12.
God Bless.


Anonymous said... got in some great items for your shop!!

Deb said...


thanks sooo much for the nice words, pity you cant come to visit the shop! It is sooo jammed packed full of goodies and even more stuff came in today during the pre-Mother's day rush!

Have a great day!