Friday, May 8, 2009

Pre - Mothers Day Blessings....

What a blessed wonderful marvelous day we had today!
We were running at full throttle during the pre-Mother's Day rush! Lots and lots of fun!!!
I mean even in all the hectic and frenzied pace we had a great day in the shop..... tons of people were in, new and old and we visited and shared hugs and laughs with many old and new friends and we got to love on many lil ones and share suckers with them too!
We gave guidance and free advice to many a lost or confused
man buying for his wife and or mother.
We gift wrapped many gifts, made a few gift baskets up and issued many gift certificates....
We also received some consigned pieces in today during all the craziness.
One item I had been heavily hinting about to a local craftsman Terry C. of Red House showed up today ...... When he brought it in the front door of the shop we all laughed and laughed at how realistic he made it.... and when he opened the door on it we all really got the giggles......
check it out below....
This lil outhouse is sooo neat!!!!
It will have a permanent place in the landscaping out in front of our shop.
It is highly detailed so highly detailed in fact you can see " the business end" inside...all that's missing in my mind is the Sears & Roebuck catalog!
LOL what fun! Terry is taking orders for them,
and I expect he will stay plenty busy making them.
Ours is just tooooo cute!
Wonder what the other businesses near mine will think when they see it? LOL I am sure someone will have something to say about it!
I will keep you posted on the reactions!
Julia and Darrell brought in a few framed pieces today and they were cute!
Darrell also made a couple of awesome primitive cabinets to use as bedside tables.
Sorry I don't have a picture of them yet!
Terry C. made an assortment of trellis's that we are currently displaying out in the front of the shop. They are really sturdy and would be great in any landscape.
Kathy brought in more pillows today. Three of them are shown here.

These are but a smidgen of what came in today...
we even received a barn red armoire and a beautiful secretary on consignment.
I will try to get pictures of them on line real soon...if they don't sell first!
Stop by to see more.
I would like to wish all the moms out there a Happy early Mother's Day!
God Bless you all!


MommaB said...

I want an out house!!!!! I grew up on farm in ohio using one of them till i was 15!!!!!is he going to also sell plans for building these???/do you sell your items online????

MommaB said...

is it small enough to ship ups

Deb said...

Momma B,

The builder of my outhouses does different sizes, all from his own imagination. I even have some in the shop that are used as toilet tissue cabinets in the bathroom.
The one pictured in my blog out in front of the shop is pretty substancial and heavy, might not be a good size to ship.

Email me at and maybe we can work together on something we can ship to ya.