Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Place Like Home...In Springtime

Some sweet images recently taken outside my home that I thought I would share with my blog friends...

These is one of my rose bushes near the house, its pink and the others nearby are purple. All are highly scented.

The calla lillys are especially beautiful in the newest planted bed near the house..

This huge bloom is on my hibiscus plant. It was a Mothers Day gift from my son and his family. Hubs planted it next to the house for me and it is beautiful. We will enjoy it for years to come.

If you have been following my blogs you know that Gracie the calico, one of our cats is my lil buddy. Wherever I am in the yard you will find her nearby watching me. Here she is laying near one of the Knockout rose bushes that line our driveway.

She looks seriously "stressed out" don't you think? LOL

This is a shot of the neighboring horse pasture viewed from the driveway.

My strawberry plants are loaded! For a small patch they are yielding quite a few berries.
I am picking a half pint a day from just this one tiny raised bed.

My hubs provided me with this wagon to plant and its now occupying space near the garden and the "outhouse" tool shed. Its full of Gerber daisy's, ageratum and snap dragons in bright pinks and purples.

This is a view from the house of our small vegetable and herb garden.

I have half of it planted and will be working on planting more soon.

It's so enjoyable to work in it, it's my happy place at home...

This is a just a quick view of some of the reasons why we enjoy Spring in the country!!!!

If you were to stop by you would enjoy it too!


Tina said...

So beautiful! I love flowers and plant at tinyland where I can, but miss my bigger garden when I had my house.
Hey, be careful walking down that hill to the garden this year, dearie.

Kindra said...

Your flowers and garden look wonderful, Deb! I wish I had a greener thumb!

Deb said...

Thanks gals! My garden is where I unwind!!!! Its one of my happiest places!!!!