Monday, May 11, 2009

My Garden...The Season Begins...

One of my three trustworthy assistants Gracie the calico.
She is my buddy when I work outside she stays on my heels.
Some signs of Spring...pansy faces peeping out of the kitchen window box...
This beautiful mixed pot was bought for me for Mothers Day! Its all pink and girly!!! I love it!

This is a closeup of one of the large pots that flank our garage entrance, with its hot pink geraniums it glows against the white siding.

Daisy's.. whats a Spring time garden without them?

My beautiful lavender roses smell so heavenly...even Hubs likes them. They are planted just outside his workshop window.

We have been inundated as of late with rain, tons of rain...3.38 inches was measured by the rain gauge at our house this past week alone!!!
This has caused grass mowing to be held off, at least the weeds have pretty blooms on them...

The rain has slowed down the planting in my vegetable and herb garden.
But tonight Hubs and I were able to get in our tomato and peppers plants,
and some of the annual herbs.

My hubs laid some boards in the garden for me to stand on to help me stay out of the mud but in the end my tennis shoes weighed about a pound a piece more when I left the garden than when I went in due to mud caked on them!

We now have cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, heirloom tomatoes as well as other varieties and three variety's of peppers for salsa in the ground.

Our potatoes have also begun to break ground and the onions are looking very nice. I have interspersed the veggies with marigolds, zinnias and vincas for some color!
It has to be pretty too!

Surprisingly the rain didn't ruin any plants that were already in the ground, it did however overflow the pond and its still a roaring torrent that you can hear running behind the garden down into a ravine and creekbed.

Hubs is doing his best Vanna White here to show the fresh tomatoes we have hanging on one of our plants... I have to confess I bought the plant already loaded with tomatoes and it is in a large pot by the garage. Hubs loves fresh tomatoes so this gave him a head start on the growing season!

If all goes well I should have plenty of fresh organically grown veggies for salsa making! Yumm yumm! I sell my salsa and relishes in the Fall and never seem to have enough to meet the demand for them.

My strawberries are full of blooms cant wait for them to set fruit!!! MMMMM

Well that's a brief update on my garden...this time last year I ended up laid up with a knee injury and had to stay off my feet and out of the garden for a couple weeks, and this year isn't starting well as I have some routine surgery scheduled for tomorrow but hopefully i will be back in that garden by the weekend!
Pray the rain stays abated and any prayers for my surgery are greatly appreciated! Will update all when I can!
Much Love,


Tina said...

Looks so wonderful, can't wait to taste the salsa....assuming I'll get some.:)

Blessings and I'm praying for you

Deb said...


Thanks for checking in on me since my surgery.

You are guaranteed to get some or mild???