Saturday, April 19, 2008

Tiggers and more TIggers and still more Tiggers

Wowee wowee! What a successful saturday in the shop we had today! So many new faces that had either never been in the shop at all, or hadnt been since I bought it! Old friends and many many charming repeat customers!!!!Business was booming!

My sis Terry and friend Lisa where there at my side all day! Lisa was in the "bowels" of the cold warehouse assembling 4 ft metal stars! (Who knew they came unassembled?) Terry was up to her elbows in paint of every color, (in fact you would swear she had been fingerpainting by the looks of her hands at one point.) wink wink...

Dollmaker Tammy was in with a new shipment! Ohh her primitive dolls are sooo much fun! Such different styles, personalities and expressions! Everyone giggles while we are deciding which ones get "temporary foster care" in the shop before going home with their new familys! Such fun!
Then Teresa came by, another gifted local artist and very Tiggerish!!!!

Lovely local woman who as she put it was "landscape challenged" in today. She made us laugh out loud she was soo funny! We helped her pick a beautiful lavender birdhouse, a sweet lil welcome flag, a prim pot of pansies and some other goodies! She left laughin and smiling and vowing to return! I love that attitude! Another Tigger for our collection!

Then there was "Terri" and her friend. They were laughing and shopping and fighting over who was buying what for who and drawing us into the frey! They will be back! Still more Tiggers!

You askwhat about the Tiggers??? Well in Randy Pausch's interview concerning "The Last Lecture", when discussing the hand life had dealt him he stated "You have a choice, you can be a Tigger or an Eeyore." "Me I choose to be a Tigger. " Ohhh yeah Im sooo a Tigger! And I love the bouncing, from new customer to old friend, the hunting for new treasures, old vintage finds, matching items for kitchen and bath, ohhh yeah come bounce my way anytime!

You will find me in the shop having way more fun than I probably should be enjoying my many blessings and laughing a lot!!!

T...I...double GGG......ER.....TIGGER!!!


Tina said...

I'm all about the choice to be a tigger. Thanks for the great time yesterday. A car full of tiggers. How fun!

Debbie said...

Yes we were indeed a car full of tiggers and a splendid one at that! I think we all had a lovely lovely day! And must travel together again soon!