Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Blessings and Laughter

Ahh what a nice day today was! I played hookie from the shop this morning for a little girly pampering! Had a pedicure and my acrylic nails filled in! What fun! My nail tech Traci even had fun handpainting some lil flowers on my toes! She is a hoot! What a nice person. We chat about everything, and with her heavy vietnamese accent there is some translation difficulty for me, but her laughter translates really well! She asked for some of my business cards to give to her customers! She said she would send all her good customers my way! I in turn took some of her cards to my shop to share with my customers! I love when these kinds of things happen! All of us who own small shops helping each other!

Then when I arrived at the shop Tina was there with my sis Terry. Tina was visiting and bringing by her newest consignment items! Always great to see what she has created this time! She painted a sign I had requested that read "What if the hokey pokey is what its all about?" LOL Very profound! And who knows maybe it is true!!! Someone needs to do some research on this and report back... wink wink. My sis hung the sign behind the counter for others to get chuckles from also! They already love the "free puppy, espresso sign", more about it some other time....

The day stayed busy, lots of old friends and new in today! One newer customer has just fallen head over heels for our shop! An older woman, she has done some extensive shopping on her last three visits. I have reason to beleive she creates some fun mischief in the store while she is in. It seems after she leaves some of our prim dolls are in funny places and cuddled in each others arms in funny ways and truly funny stuff like that! Its such a hoot to find her harmless pranks after she leaves! Makes me laugh a lot!

Then there was the older couple in today who while the wife shopped and showed her husband many items she has been eyeballing as of late, he had to borrow a tape measure and get the sizes of several peices, of which I am sure he then had to go home and measure to see if they will fit! They "will be back."He was fun chatting with...

Then there was a return visit by our fav self titled "landscape challenged" lady! She was telling us all about the compliments she has received on recent purchases and she even came to buy a bird house for a neighbor! We laugh a lot when she stops by!

What truly amazes me is this is a job! I am making a few dollars doing something I love with people I love! What an amazing amazing blessing!!! Not one day have I taken it for granted or regretting buying the shop!

Stop by and laugh chat and vist, oh and buy something nice for your home if you are so inclined!


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Tina said...

The new pic looks fab on your blog!
See ya soon!