Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Shopping Excursion with Tiggers

Mondays are our shopping days for the store and some of them are just way more fun than others! For example yesterdays shopping trip. For starters my mother and a dear friend Tina went with my sis and I on this particular buying trip. We started off by driving quite a bit of curvy crooked country road to get to our interstate hookup and then to our first stop. I get lots of grief from one of the passengers when I drive on the crooked roads cause she gets a wee bit car sick...so I have to slow down and take the curves a wee bit slower but we make it just fine. We managed to pick up 2 and a half buggies full of floral and craft supplies at our first stop and had some fun there clowning and harassing each other. Then off to eat our weight in mexican at an awesome lil spot in Parkersburg..yummo!!!! More laughter then on the road again.

Next stop a neat lil wholesale place in an old train depot... what great atmosphere and we really loaded up there! We filled the back of the suv totally to the top and the gals in the back seat had to ride with some stuff between them.

The whole day we all laughed and talked and harassed each other, sure didnt feel much like a business buying trip to me. I have to steal Tinas phrase but riding in "a car full of Tiggers' sure is a lot of fun and sure makes the work seem like fun to me!

We got back to the shop and unloaded all the neat new merchandise and then we all left in different directions to go home! What fun we had!

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