Friday, April 18, 2008

Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood Pooh

What a glorious day today was in the shop! Some of my fav people around me at the shop, my sis Terry, friend Tina, friend Lisa, and mom and pop stopped in, lovely! Tina and I shared some serious laughs today even though her wee brain was achin from a nasty migraine! She even got two coats of background paint on my new 4x4 foot shop sign! I am sooo excited about getting this sign set in front of the shop, especially with Tina's amazing decorative painting style! Excited!!!!

Mom and Dad stopped by the shop and brought all us gals some lunch, and some yummy pastries from the local bakery! Ohh my if youve never had one of those lil creme filled goodies called a hotdog from Spring Hill Bakery you havent lived!!!mmmmmmm

Then mom and I went to my daughters home,(its her first), so we helped her plant all kinds of lovely flowers in reds, oranges, yellows and white, pansies, marigolds, and snapdragons! Too pretty! Had a lot of fun clowning while planting too! Then the three generations went off to the Blue Grass Kitchen to have some yummo organic goodies! Blacked shrimp and wonderful salads! Followed by chocolate panini, buttermilk peach pie and key lime pie! What a sugar rush!!! Just a lovely lovely end to a wonderful day!

Then home to my wonderful hubby who had loaded the dishwasher, ran the vac, and was all smiles and glad to see me!!!!

Am I lucky or what??? Blessed beyond belief!!!


Tina said...

Those are the best goodies I've ever had and I've had a lot! We'll get that sign done soon. and
Thanks for the compliment.
you guys are an inspiration.

Debbie said...

Hey you have been an inspiration to my my friend very much so! After all it was you who inspired me to blog in the first place!!! See you soon!