Thursday, December 4, 2008

Buried in Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Busy, busy busy!!! Or should I say...Blessed, blessed, blessed!

Just been crazy blessed lately with lots of love!!! Black Friday sale and the Saturday following...completely bananas in the shop!!! This week more of the same! Shipments and shipments and new consignments and many many many customers!!!!!

Loads of new faces, and old friends shopped with us!!!

Missy Pennington won the email only drawing of a $35.00 gift certificate this weekend!

Sold three antique or vintage cabinets recently that will make someone an awesome addition to their prim or country home!!!!

Ellen V popped in in the middle of the sale madness this weekend smiling with a tray of coffee for us, what a lady!!!! What a sweet surprise!!!

Saw old school friend Vernon, childhood friends Debbie and daughters childhood friend Erika! What fun!

Met some new customers from Ohio- Janet & John and had a ball watching them shop!!! They nearly bought us out lol but they will be back!

Had a couple childhood friends from my childhood church pop in, Judy and Janie, they had heard about our shop from others and had to come in! They will be back!!!

Got a hug yesterday from Patty, one of our dearest customers, and sister in Christ! Brings tears to my eyes to think of it again!

Kathy sent me an email Jake won a spelling bee! Jake rocks! As usual!! And cant wait till Kathy and Jake pop in the shop again...I so need a Kathy & Jake fix!!!!

So many cute lil kids have been in lately and soo much new consigner stuff has come in I cant begin to fill you in on all of it in one quick blog! Snowmen, antique jewelry, candle posts, etc....

Just wanted you all to know I am alive and crazy busy ..... I mean blessed and will post more details and pictures soon!!! In the meanwhile you need to pop in and see all the beautiful holiday items in the shop!

Lots of Love!



Tina said...

Those who bless others as you do get them back a hundred times over. I believe that is what is happening to you.

Deb said...


I thank you for being so kind and for being one of the blessings God has brought into my life this past year! I feel soo blessed on so many levels!