Friday, December 5, 2008

Visiting the Munchkin aka the Midget...aka The Emster

Ahh the fun ... the crazy wild zany fun of playing with my grand daughter the Princess Emmy!!!!

The freedom of just playing whatever she wants, wrestling in the floor, reading a pile of books one minute then the next using those books for garages for a pile of mini cars...
...playing dolls, giving them their bottles and giving them a precarious ride in the buggy, tea party's with teddy bears, Bunny's and dragons and wearing silly Santa hats and Strawberry Shortcake sunglasses.

...and ooohhh the giggles...the wonderful heart melting...... soul satisfying sound of her giggle......nothing like fortune no fame nothing like that sound...

Is there anything anywhere in this world that can even compare with the laughter and love and trust from a child you love who loves you back????
I don't think so!!!!!

P.S. Today's t-shirt said "Everyone Loves Brown Eyed Girls."


Tina said...

She is too cute. Sorry I missed you the other day. Have a great week.

Deb said...


Emmy just totally rocks!!! I just want to squeeze her up and never let go!!! Im sorry I missed you when you stopped by too, but I spent the entire day with Emmy and my son!! What a fun day we all had!!!! Hope to see you soon T!