Sunday, December 14, 2008

Crazyness Crazyness Crazyness

Ok so did we have all four seasons of weather this week or what??? Snow and Ice then 60 degrees then sun shine, and rain...good grief Charlie Brown! The weather is as crazy as everything else is this time of the year huh?

Busy busy busy! The shop has been packed with customers and sooo much fun too! New shipments are arriving daily and the big holiday sale is just around the corner!!! Blessings are overflowing!!!!

Home has been busy, the shopping, and baking, and wrapping and will it ever end?????

Then to top it all off I have family in the hospital....

My aunt Mary Shank recovering from open heart surgery at CAMC that her own doctor at first said he wouldn't perform and then when he did was amazed she survived, and is doing well! God makes miracles...

and now ...

My Aunt Laura Dent, my dads sister is in ICU at Thomas in very bad shape. Her lungs are full of fluid, kidneys aren't functioning, she is severely dehydrated and full of infection running a temp of 103.

She just came down sick a couple days ago with flu like symptoms all at once and the next thing we know she is in the ER then they admit her to ICU. Last night the family was told by the doc that she might not make it through the night. She is hooked up to all kinds of equipment and sedate on a ventilator too. They still dont know exactly what she has. She made it through the night but the doctors say the next 48-72 hours is critical to her survival.

Her husband Lee is in a nursing home in final stage Alzheimer's and they only have one daughter Susan who is just worried sick and worn down from caring for both of them.

Please say a prayer for them all. God works miracles everyday and we need one here.

Love to all!



simple~needs said...

lots of thoughts and prayers being sent to your and your family.
hugs, kim

Deb said...


Thanks so much for the loving thoughts and prayers!!!