Thursday, December 25, 2008


They had little company,
But who wants to travel
With gift bearing camel riders
Chasing a star across a desert.
Only in retrospect
Do we call them Magi.

Few others saw the star.
None but these dreamed hope.
Stars may fascinate.
But dreaming hope in starshine
Is the pastime of romantics
Escaping reality.

These were tuned-in stargazers.
Sharing a dream across a desert,
They left footprints of wise ones
In the unchanging sands of history.
Wisdom's way
Through the wilderness
Of time.

New Year
Dream time.
Hope time.
Time to tune in
To the promise
As real as,
As big as,
As sure as

Time to gather our gifts
Saddle up
Mount up
And chase the star.

-Thanks Frank for sharing with me....

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