Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday Sale and a Big Birthday Coming Soon

Just a quick blog to let you be one of the first to know that December 22-23- and 24th we will be having a huge sale in the shop!!!

All our holiday items shop wide will be on sale and most at 50% off!!!! There will be other items on sale as well!!!!

Stay tuned for more details unfolding in the next few days! And meanwhile get on our mailing list to get some special info that will be divulged email only. During the last sale we had a giveaway that only those on the email list knew about. Just send a request to be added to the shop mailing list and include your name and email address. Send it to countrygatheringsdeb@yahoo.com and you will be added to the mailing list!

You cant afford to miss that big of sale now can you???? And we have more new stuff coming every single day!!!!

We received a new shipment today of those awesome snowman head candles!!! And we then turned around and sold 11 of them today alone!! Yeah they are that cute!!! Don't miss out on them they really rock!!! They arent all the new items that will be in before Christmas either!!! Keep stopping by!

We will be closing early on Christmas eve so we can go home and enjoy the holidays with our family's! Our family exchanges gifts among ourselves on Christmas Eve at my Moms!

We will close the shop from the 25 through the 29th for a little year end break and then we will reopen on the 30th.

We will also close early on New Years Eve and be closed all Day January 1st, New Years Day.

New Years day will be a momentous day for me!!! I will turn THE BIG 50 that day, yep its my birthday and yep I'm that old!!!!

And I look for black balloons, and signs and sheets hanging from bridges that say things like NIFTY NIFTY DEBBIES FIFTY.....and other such mischievous stuff !!!

Yup Yup YUP!!! But hey I can take it......... so bring it on if you dare!!!! :)


Tina said...

Sounds like a good sale! and what a good birthday! Hopefully, Lord willin' I'll be in this week. It's been quite a week already.
God is Good!

jenn said...

An early very Happy Birthday to you! I hope to be in for your sale! :-)

Deb said...

Hey Gals.

Would be awesome to see both of your smiling faces!!!


And thanks for the early birthday love! ;)