Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heart Tests and Headstones

Sigh....yep had more heart tests today!!!

In case I haven't shared all the info with you ( forgive me my wee brain is a bit strained as of late) I will update you now. I had been scheduled by my doc for some routine outpatient surgery coming up this Friday. The doc wanted to make sure cardiology would give me an all clear since I did lose my Dad recently of a heart attack, so they scheduled me for a routine stress test and echocardiogram on Monday.

But on Monday during the routine stress test they saw a "blip on the radar screen/something in my EKG" and stopped the stress test in the middle. A bit scary since I thought these tests were just one more thing to be endured in preparing for a routine procedure.

So they scheduled me for further testing including a CTA scan this morning. For those of you (like I was) who don't know what this test is let me tell ya. They inject radioactive dye into your veins and then take multiple pictures of your heart and surrounding arteries and etc inside this funky noisy tube you have been inserted into. The dye makes you feel funny, (not funny ha ha either) and the nausea isn't nice... but I am to call tomorrow afternoon for preliminary results to see if my surgery can go off without a hitch on Friday or more procedures have to take place with my heart first.

Wow, talk about an eye opener...I never even dreamed I could have a problem with my heart! Granted the tests may show I don't but just going through all this so close on the heels of losing my father to a heart attack is really scary and tough! I have always wanted to be more like him but not sharing heart problems, this wasn't the way I had in mind.

Then to top this fun stuff off my Dad's headstone was delivered and set on his grave this week which just adds the whole cherry to the top of the sordid sundae for me...

It seemed like we (the family) were just starting to get a grip on our loss of Dad and not crying at the drop of a hat and now whammmmm we are right back where we started all over again! My sis, Mom and I have spent the better part of several days this week crying again...doesn't get any easier does it???

Have you lost a parent??? How are you coping with it???? I would love to have any golden nuggets of information you can share to help us get through this.... and also any prayers for getting me through this whole crazy medical craziness!

Thanks for letting me vent my friends!
God Bless!


Kindra said...

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers for a successful procedure. I know you much be feeling scared, and your online friends are always here for you.

My husband's dad passed away over 5 years ago when my oldest son was 1 month old. Cancer took his life pretty quick. I think my husband got through it pretty well since he had Kellon to focus on and celebrate the cycle of life. But I know he misses him like crazy.

I'm working on your block sets...will be done soon. Prim hugs.

Deb said...


Thanks so much for the blog love! Its friends like you that are true gifts from God!

Take your time on the blocks, granted I cant wait to see them but I dont want you wearing yourself out to get them done in a hurry! Good things are always worth waiting for!