Friday, April 3, 2009

New Furniture Consigner

We have recently welcomed a new furniture consigner on board. Mike creates some pretty sweet colonial and primitive style pieces. He will be taking orders for custom pieces also.
This slim open shelving piece primmed out in black would work wonderful to hold cd's, dvd's or even bathroom needfuls!

This white washed and stained beadboard shelf would be awesome anywhere! He makes these in multiple sizes and they can be finished in many colors and or stain.

This neat primitive shelf has a freehand stretched star cutout backed by rusty wire mesh, its a great piece.

This is a closeup of the freehand cut stretched star motif on the shelf above.

Check out some of his furniture now in the shop.... He will be creating more pieces you can be sure. He is meticulous and very talented!

This primmed and stained candle box above is another sweet piece. It looks and feels vintage instead of new!

Stop by soon and check out all of Mike's furniture. He brings it into the shop unfinished and we hand finish it for him. We are currently working on four more pieces. They should be out by the next week!

Stop in soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie,

Do you have a link or way for you blog or web site to be added to Facebook?

I'd like to add your shop to my Facebook account.

Lora Shank

Deb said...


Link to this specific blog about Mike is

Hope this helps!It was great visting with you all this past week!