Monday, April 20, 2009

New Treats to Tempt

This past week we received some new consigned items, as well as some new shipments of candles, framed prints, and other items and we were busy creating things ourselves! See for yourself below.....

Terry created several new Spring and Summer themed wreaths this week in beautiful colors!

Tammy brought in the mama hen and chicks and Scott made the big square black over red bowl.

Kathy brought in several hand stitched pillows this week...this red tabby is a beauty!

This striped kitty looks almost regal...

Kathy brought us these two pillows with the hen and rooster, they are really sweet!

We received a small shipment of new framed prints in also.
But they are already going fast!

This new picture shows a sleeping cat on a beautiful iron bed....

This Jacobs barn is a classic.

These four tiny pillows were stitched by Kathy also....

Ahh Americana what a sweet theme, this one by Kathy just arrived.

Scott brought in this sweet cabinet this week. The finish looks sooooo real you would swear its a vintage piece and not a reproduction...

Debby brought in these cute little primmed pinwheels! They are very very cute!!!

Darrell created this rustic shelf with its rusty bent nail hooks.

Terry and I worked on this special order cabinet for a special customer.
Terry painted a very nice sheep on the door! And when they customer took one look at it she snatched it up and ran!!! LOL!

The new mantel vignette shows new candle holders from Darrell as well as some other items that just arrived in a recent shipment.

This primitive wreath with its handmade angel, sewn by Tammy, was specially created by Terry for a friends funeral service. David Bennett was his name.

We will miss David he was a good man and a friend. And we were honored that a group of his friends commissioned us to create this wreath for the service.
Our prayers go out to his widow Lori and their two daughters.


This week I am excited to say that I have been emailing with Kindra of " Three Guys a Girl and a Prim Place" blog.

She makes some wonderful pieces and we are currently trying to figure out if we can get some shipped to stock in the shop!

Check out her blog at and see if you don't agree that she is awesome.

Also our Spring Sale is still going strong!
We have been adding more items everyday and will continue this sale the rest of the month of April and maybe just maybe if we get enough requests...into the first half of May also!
We may be adding EVEN MORE furniture items in the coming days also!!!
Keep checking in!!!
It was great to see Tina and Ted stopping by this week on their Harley!!! We missed you Tina can't wait to see what you bring us this week!!!!
God Bless,


Kath said...

Everything is just wonderful!
Love LOVE that cabinet, it does look truly old, and not like a reproduction!
Good luck to you and Kindra, she is very talented, I can see why you would want her pieces included :)

Have a happy day,

Tina said...

Aaawww, you are a sweetie. I'm working on some projects today and did yesterday as well. New stuff and things perfect for Mothers day coming up. I'll see you at the end of the week

Deb said...

Thanks so much!!!! Everyday in the shop is like opening a treasure chest or having Christmas!!!!

Also Kindra is shipping me an asst of her things!!! Cant wait to see them!!!

New stuff is always good...but from you is great!!! LOL Cant wait to see you at weeks end....