Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nifty 50?????? Heck NO!!!!!!

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days...been going through some medical tests and numerous doctor appointments...sigh...

How come no one warns you that after you turn 50 it all goes south???? Geez Louis is everyone over 50 sworn to secrecy on this or what???

I mean its like a conspiracy, one minute I was fine... and the next I am falling completely apart! What should run doesn't, what shouldn't run leaks, and every where there are lumps and bumps and UFO's..... I mean really whose idea of funny is this????

I feel like I have been folded stapled and mutilated! I know what the chaff on those contested ballots feels like now!!!! Arggh and I have to go back and have more fun at another appointment tommorrow! Calgon take me away!!!!!

Sigh...50 isnt to nifty if you ask me.... One more medical appointment could push me over the delicate edge!!!

Those of you who know me know that I hide my own Easter eggs from time to time so lately I am really feeling like my cheese is not only sliding off my cracker, but also off plate, table, and floor onto the bare cold ground!!!!!

Pray for me if you can and laugh with me if you will I am officially a medical mess!!!!!

Thanks for letting me get this off my chest...oh yeah and at least one of the tests the lovely wonderful mammogram came out good! LOL wonderful I could have slammed it in the refrigerator door at home for free...LOL

Sign me,

Lots of Love and Currently Looney Tunes!



Trudy said...


I laughed and laughed while reading your post, yet cried on the inside to hear that you are having such medical issues!

I hope that everythings turns out OK for you, I indeed know what it is like to be pushed to the edge of the cliff with doctors and tests and I don't hit 50 until next March.

Crossing my fingers, and saying prayers for your health,
Wooly hugs,

Deb said...


Thank you so much!!! I feel like my internal workings are revolting wanting to leave the body!!! I am scheduled for one surgery already and possibly another one looms!!!!

Thank you soo much for the prayers and for the laughter we shared!!! I need it all!!!

Bless You,


Tina said...

Oh sweetie! You have such a good sense of humor. No doubt, that is a true gift from God that has served you well over the years and gets all over anyone who's near you.

I'm saying a special prayer for you, definately!

Much Love