Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Thursday Stew

Spring Sale! That's what the sign in our shop window says currently! "Look for the green tags! "
Yep nice lil sale if I do say so myself...lots of neat items marked down, some drastically!!!!Why???
Well some of the items are consigned items that their artisans have said need moved out so they can bring us new stuff....
some of them are items we have decided need new homes...
some are seasonal and need changed out.....
and some of them are just items that have been covered up for awhile with other merchandise and need moved out to make room for new stuff coming in...
Like this vintage red trimmed enamel topped table. It has two leaves and would make an awesome addition to someones home with very lil work needed. It was $249.99 now its $119.99....We sat it out front and it was measured twice today by different customers, it wont be here long!!!

Then Terry finished two birdhouse sign stacks, one with a prim theme, one kinda beachy.....too cute... but you oughta see the table she is currently gonna be a good one!

Then we got this neat idea to pair Scott's library cabinet, Mikes bench and a vintage 1959 government issued steno desk together to make this vignette!
I have to say sometimes we hit on a good idea...or as my Dad used to say "Even blind squirrels get nuts now and then." LOL

Darrell brought this neat wall cabinet with towel bar and screen door in just before close tonight! You have to see this one, its priced to move! I bet it isn't in the shop through the weekend.
We have also added a line of scripture bracelets this week and man are they going out the door like crazy! I have been wearing an armful forever and customers saw them and now we had to start stocking them too! Better stop in soon and see them! They make great last minute gifts and the price is sooo nice!
Today we made new friends, and loved some old friends. Wept with a couple of special friends and laughed with many more.
Today was a mixed bowl, kinda like a stew...some parts we love .....some not so much but they all come together to make it what it is.....and what it is is LIFE......
What kind of day did you have??? Was yours a stew???? Or just a pot of hot water????
Ive learned sometimes it depends on what you put in it and how ya stir it how it turns out!
P.S. Say a prayer for me tomorrow I go for some pre-op testing....sigh the old girl has some defective parts, some will be removed next week! Yippee!!!!
See ya soon!


Tina said...

ooooo, goodies!!! see ya in a few. I'm leaving the house right now!

~Vintageshopgirl said...

Love the vignette - right up my alley, nutty or not!