Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cultivating New Gardeners

Yes you read the title right...Im cultivating a couple of new gardeners. These pictures show my daughter and husband working in the garden for me while I am unable to work in it. In the one picture my husband is guiding the water hose while my daughter waters the garden.You can barely see Emmett the all-seeing all knowing scarecrow supervising also!

My daughter came out to visit last night and while she was here she picked veggies for me, she is holding up a bell pepper in 0ne picture for me to see. For now I have to sit at the top of the hill in the wheelchair and watch them until my leg daughter also weeded and fertilized and she and my hubby watered the whole garden. She enjoys working in the garden, she is enough like me in that it helps her relax. I was so grateful she came out to help! She is such an awesome worker! She even watered all my flowerbeds, planters and window boxes before she left for the evening.

The two gardeners picked enough peppers from this first picking to freeze two quarts of them as well as snipped some fresh herbs for use in the kitchen. I have dill, two varietys of thyme, two varietys of sage, and garlic as well as other herbs included in my vegetable garden. You will also see marigolds, snapdragons and cockscomb in the garden for color as well as to deter critters from eating the plants, although the electric fence seems to be working well to keep them at bay too.

Cant wait to get back on my feet again and get my hands back in the soil. Come on healing!!!!!! Lets get this leg back in working order!!!!! Sigh would that it were that easy huh????

Oh well with these two new nifty gardeners I can pseudo-garden anyway...I will watch them and take pictures to share and keep you updated!

Happy gardening!

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Tina said...

Ok, I was picturing you snapping pics in your wheelchair at the top of the hill...hmmmmm. Hope the brakes were on tight.
You are so blessed to have sweeties around you like your new gardners. Sweeties tend to attract other sweeties.