Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pics to Share

Here is one picture of the "faux outhouse" toolshed down by my garden that my hubby and daughter built me for Mothers Day. See if you dont agree its pretty cute! The little wagon was my stepsons when he was small, my hubby pulled it out of storage and helped me fill it with flowers!

This picture is the view of my garden and toolshed from our living room window.

The area I took my recent nasty fall in was the slope behind the toolshed just to the right of this picture.

This pic just gives you some idea of how loaded all my pepper plants are! The one on the left is a purple bell pepper and its already as big as my fist. The plant on the left is a hot pepper plant and its so loaded with peppers its leaning over!

This pic shows you a cluster if roma tomatoes. These are already as big as golf balls and still green, they will be big pear tomatoes for sure!
Miracle Grow is a wonderful thing!

These pics should give you a tiny idea of why I love my garden so and why my leg injury has really "rained on my parade" this season! But on the bright side, my non-gardening hubby is learning how to tie up tomatoes, and water plants, and do all kinds of things he never thought he could do in the garden. He is the best!
Now hopefully I can preserve and freeze these veggies this summer while using my walker or wheelchair!
Love to all and thanks to everyone who has called or stopped by to see how I am doing, I appreciate you more than you know! Also thanks to all who have stopped in and checked on my sis while she is manning the shop solo the past few days! You are all the best!
God Bless!
P.S. I popped in to the store for a few hours weds afternoon and I hope to do the same again today! Come by and say hello!

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