Sunday, June 8, 2008

June???? in the 90"s???

Geesh! Its hot!!! Way to hot for any June I remember....Whats July and August going to bring if its in the 90's now???? My garden has grown like crazy! Between the rain and the heat the garden thinks its in its own little greenhouse and the plants are jumping out of the ground! I have peppers and tomatoes as big or bigger than golf balls and a week ago it seems there were only blooms!

I have some unique plants, black bell peppers, purple round hot peppers, pink tomatoes, yellow tomatoes and other unusual veggies. I like to grow some of the normal expected varietys, roma tomatoes, green bell peppers, cabbage then add a few different ones to make it interesting.

Today I worked in the garden between bouts of sitting in the shade sopping of the perspiration and flooding myself with bottled water. I moved some "volunteer" seedlings that came up on their own from cast away peels and seeds from last years crop. I also replanted four plants we lost for one reason or another, and then fertilized and trimmed succkers from the tomatoes... Gee in spite of the heat I did accomplish a few things outside. Of course my bright red skin is now paying for the day spent in the sun...such is life....

As soon as I can get them downloaded I will share garden pics....yeah I am excited about my little patch, its therapy to me to just go down there and hoe and weed and let my mind rest from my hectic days....then I sit in the shade of the lil "faux outhouse" and admire it.

Tomorrow my sis and I plan to move some things around at the shop, kinda change up some displays and create some new vignettes. A lot of our customers get ideas on how to decorate their homes just by veiwing some of the ways we display primitives and acessorize them in the shop. Plus we enjoy the "playing house" aspect of moving things around and redecorating. It will be an enjoyable day beating the heat to be sure.

Prayer Requests-

On a personal note please say a prayer for my friend Deb Hodges and her son Seth. Seth is now taking part in military heat training in preparation for being sent to Iraq. I can only imagine how my heart would feel knowing my son would be going to Iraq. I know with our prayers she will feel Gods loving arms around her and Seth as well.

Update on JL - He and his wife Lu are in Boston seeking treatment for his mesothelioma and they are experiencing some rough spots. He had some infection after a biposy procedure which has him hospitalized out there and his strength has to build back up before they can come home. Please keep his health and her strength in your prayers. There is much love in that family and right now while they are in Boston their daughters are back here with their grandmother so the seperation is hard on the family as well.

I wish you all a great week! Come see me in the shop soon!

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Tina said...

Hi, I'm keeping JL in my prayers thanks for the update. I can't imagine what a mother goes through knowing that her son is going into harms way, but I am grateful for him. Tell your friend that if you see her.

Hey, can't wait to see the new set up. Send me any ideas that you might want me to make for the store. I'm feeling dried up creatively this week.

Have fun!