Monday, June 23, 2008

Reflections and Thanks

Had a chance to spend the day in the shop on Saturday thanks to my wonderful hubby, and dear friend/should be a sis Lisa. My hubby brought me in and set everything up for me and even ran the sweeper before we opened. Then I sat propped up behind the counter while Lisa ran the shop. I got to visit with some old friends and make some new ones! It was sooo good to be back in the shop for a whole day. Near the end of the day my Mom stopped by to see if she could lend a hand and then my Dad came by at closing time to help us close up. What would I be doing right now without my friends and family????

I am hobbling around now without the crutches or the walker but I am going slow and staying close to things that can help support me if I teeter. But I did manage to go with my hubby to get a few groceries sunday afternoon so that was a big accomplishment. But boy did I pay for it in discomfort later when we got home, oww ooo eee. Gotta take small outings on it for limited times...

I am sooo looking forward to getting the MRI done Friday and finding out what our next course of action is in this healing process. Im a very independent person and never having had my independence or mobility compromised before this has been a very humbling learning experience for me. I wont take my mobility, independence and health for granted so much after this is all done.

Ohh and for a laugh just a few of the nicknames I have been given lately...Peggy AKA Peg Leg, Crip, Hobbles the Hobbit, not to mention others....sigh...what can I say.....they have even threatened to "trick out my walker and wheelchair" "My other rides a Harley." LOL

On a syrupy sweet note, the other evening my hubby helped me get out on the porch to sit for awhile to read and while I was reading he went for a stroll and came back with a fist full of daisies for me...told you he was a sweetie! God did good when he found my hubby for me! I had been divorced for such a long time, since 1995 in fact when God put Bruce in my path. Whats that phrase a friend told me "All in Gods time...all in Gods time." Amazing! Dont know what I would have done through this process without my hubby by my side! Glad I didnt have to!

Thanks to the man upstairs for providing what we need even when we dont know we need it!

See you soon!

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Tina said...

God is soooo very good. You are a treasure for seeing His goodness in this trial. Hope to see you soon