Friday, June 13, 2008

Dad didnt name me Grace for a Reason

Ok so I decide after my sister and nephew came over for dinner one night this week that I am going to walk down to my garden and water a few new transplants that look parched, sounds simple so far right?
I get about half way down the slope towards my garden and the realization that the grass is dew covered and I am in slick shoes hits about a miilisecond to late as I am airborn for a brief moment and then am dumped by mother nature ever so uncermoniusly on my back with my right leg bent out and upward behind me and the ankle twisted in a peculiar angle ...ouch...ouch...ouch.... my poor husband was out of sight at the top of the hill when he heard multiple @%*%##&* expletives coming from me ...sorry pain makes a person say bad things....he came running only to find me splattered all over the ground halfway down the slope. As my knee bent backwards behind me I heard multiple pops cracks and rips and I knew I was in trouble. By the time my husband got to me pain and nauseau were overwhelming... I managed to roll abit onto my side and grab my leg and pull it back to where it should be, also loads of fun!

After a few moments of getting my bearings and calming down my husband brought a chair out of our garden "faux outhouse" shed and set it up and managed to semi carry me to it. I outeigh my poor husband some 50 lbs so this was no mean feat for him. We then called my son who is an EMT to come and check me out. My daughter was on her way to be part of the whole carnival also! My son arrived and observed the swelling and distortion around the ankle and the swelling and discomfort around my knee and recommended an ER visit to Thomas Memorial Hospital.

Since my son is a big man thankfully outweighing me by some 70 lbs he picked me up in his arms and carried me to top of the hill and our driveway. Kind of emotional realizing I once carried him that way in my arms when he was a little boy!

At this point my daughter arrived after nearly hitting a neighbors horse who was running loose in the dark on our country road.... hey if you have been reading my blogs you didnt expect things to be normal did you? The guys loaded me in the car then my son went home to look after his sick lil toddler while my husband and daughter took me to the ER.

Well the trip to the ER was painful on the leg but the two clowns in the car tried to entertain me. We arrived at 11:30 p.m. and finally left at 5:30 a.m. I was seen by what seemed to be a very good doctor and was given pain meds (ask the family how goofy I acted on the trip home) and a knee immobolizer as well as an ankle immobilizer was applied. I felt like a turkey trussed for thanksgiving! I am to see an orthopede within the next few days and stay off the leg in the meanwhile...sigh.....and possibly will need surgery to fix the damage.

But on the good side, the blessings of my family- my son for dropping everything and coming to triage me and get me moved to a safer area, my husband and daughter for spending the night in the ER with me and coming home to help me at the parents driving 40 minutes one way just to check on me last night and bring me a graham cracker pie from TOPSPOT restaurant (mark that as one of the things you must sample before leaving this earth), and my sister Terry who is now singlehandedly running the shop, doing all the paperwork and just keeping everything going until I can get back! I love my family!!! They are all such gifts from God!

I hope there are people in your family that you consider gifts from God too!!!!

I will try to keep you posted on my recovery! LOL and the adventures the rest of my family have in dealing with it too!

Love to all,


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Tina said...

Oh Debbie, leave it to you to find humor and all the good things about such an awful and painful event. I have been praying for you since Terri called and let me know what happened.
Please let me know if I can help in any way and I'll be in touch.
Love ya