Thursday, June 5, 2008

Daylight and Dark, Blessings and Changes

I have to start by laughing about the last couple of days and just how different they have been. Yesterday it was stormy, the electric went off and I was forced to close the shop early. Also with all the rain coming down the warehouse in the back of my store had surface water pouring into a hole drilled in the wall by maintenance guys to run new water meter lines. So yesterday was a little hairy to say the least and when I closed the door and locked the shop to go home last night I was concerned about what I would find when I opened this morning.

This morning when I opened the power was back on, the water had subsided in the basement and just some puddles stood where a few inches were running yesterday. But the telephone was not functioning because one of the extensions had been under water. This was quickly fixed by my wonderful hubby and all returned back to normal. Then two big shipments came in one before we opened, one soon after, leaving my sister and I to scramble to get them unpacked, priced and on display for customers to enjoy, all the while helping moms and das shop for their childrens school teachers! LOL some of our adventures today were just plain fun! There was the nice lady and two very nice boys who wants some special handmade items for their teachers as well as their school nurse who was moving away. We were able to handpaint some peices and personalize some as well as provide then with pleasing special gift bags to put their treasures in. I know we made some new friends there because the parent "tipped" us when we wouldnt let her pay for the gift bags and included them gratus. What a nice gesture her tipping us was. Its so nice to be appreciated. But even nicer to know we made some new friends there!

There were so many new people in today! Quite a large number in fact! I wonder if our new advertisement in the Metro Putnam helped with any of that? I know that someone in the gift shop at the local hospital sent some new customers to us today and we thank you whoevere you are! We meet the nicest people when our customers refer their friends and family to us! We appreciate that more than they can know! Word of mouth is our best advertisment!

We received a great old farm table and some great old primitive chairs today and sold one of the chairs not long after it arrived! So many of our really nice antique and vintage items come from friends who keep their eyes and ears open for us! We are so grateful for this too!

Today a dear friend has almost finished building our very first ever webpage for the shop at She has been working full time, going to graduate school full time online and ohhh did I mention she has three tiny boys, a husband who works shift work and keeps and immaculate house all at the same time while building our webpage? And she is a spunky little redhead who always manages to make me laugh every time we chat??? I am thankful for her friendship too!

Today was another blessing from the man upstairs! God is so good to us! And we do our best to honor him and share his blessings with all we come in contact with!

Come see us soon! You will enjoy the visit!


Tina said...

What an adventure! I saw the webpage and it's lookin' good!
See you at the end of next week.

Kelly said...

Deb, I just saw this. Thanks for the shout out about the webpage...and I had no idea you were hurt. I'm so sorry I've been out of the loop...lots going on this side of the valley as well...

Love ya!