Friday, June 27, 2008

MRI - or Much Racket Inside

Geez o an MRI noisy or what???? You know I had heard it sounded like tennis shoes rotating in a clothes dryer, or jack hammers on pavement but let me just tell you today while being scanned by the MRI I heard what sounded like to me a practice session from know the traveling musical troupe that makes music out of everything?

The pitches continually changed the vibrations changed the volume changed the speed of the sounds changed, man thank heaven for ear plugs..I now know MRI stands for much racket inside and not so much magnetic resonance imaging.. heck my husband said he could hear the machine at times even in the main waiting room!

And thank heavens for OPEN MRI machines....among my multitude of human weaknesses there is this wee tiny little fear of enclosed spaces, youve heard of it I'm sure you know closet-tro-phobia??? LOL Ok ok claustrophobia but you get the jist. The open version of an MRI isnt a picnic to be in for to long at a stretch but they make it more tolerable by performing the scan in smaller increments with wee breaks in between and its much more open so you dont feel so tightly enclosed.

The folks at Metro MRI where I had my scan today are incredibly nice, have a great sense of humor and are very accomodating when you are hobbling and tired. They made me comfortable every way they possibly could, with extra cushioning, blankets to tuck me in, extra pillows under my head; knee and foot, and just a great all around bedside manner. If you ever have to have an MRI ask your doc to send you to Metro MRI at Ashton Place. Nice folks!

After the scan I got to the shop close to noon and then spent the afternoon there. Got to see quite a few old friends and a make a few new ones too! Saw a few of my favs like Lu, Tina, Tammy, Debbie, Eric, and the Tart Guy( long story), and oodles of muchkins trying their best to be good while their mama's shop because they know the candy bucket is reposing just out of sight ready to reward them for their good behaviour! Hey even I would behave better with candy! tee hee

And today Tina brought us more adorable handpainted items and also brought us a new friend Kelsey! Kelsey now loves our shop and cant wait to bring her hubby in for some serious shopping! Maybe even the purchase of a hand made dining room table! It is always such fun to watch folks discover the treasures in our shop for their first time!
On a serious note-

Prayer updates and requests-

Lu's hubby JL is back from his mesothelioma treatments in Boston and we are all praying that the good doctors hands be guided by the good Lord's. Keep healing JL keep healing!We will keep praying.

Debbie Hodges dad Bud Jones has an aneurism in his femoral artery and the doctors are working on their plan of action for that. Please say a prayer for them also.

Linda Scantlin- She hasnt been in the shop for a while and she is on oxygen most of the time now so please continue to keep her and her family in your prayers.

Craig Kunselman, young friend of the family has been experiencing problems with his heart and some serious fluid retention in his extremities. Keep him and his family in your prayers also.

Take care and hope to see you all in the shop soon!!!

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Tina said...

Awww, It was soooo good to see you the other day. thanks for mentioning Kelsey. what a sweetie she is. We are planning another visit on thursday, Lord willin'

I'll keep your friends in my prayers and know that you are in them as well for quick recovery from this.

I've never had an MRI, but from a fellow closet-tro- phobist, you've comforted me if I ever have the need to have one.

See ya soon