Monday, July 14, 2008

49, 49.49...

My husband and I spent Sunday with his family in Sandyville. We visited awhile at his brother and sister in laws "Lynn & Karens summer home" and then went to his sister Dianne's house nearby.We dont get to see all of them often enough and they are the only family my husband has left on his side. His brother lives in Morgantown and his sister splits her time between WV and North Carolina so they arent all in the area at the same time and it is a bit tougher to get all three siblings together.

There were a lot of laughs shared and pictures shown and catching up to do on whats been going on with our families. It was as always a very enjoyable day.

My sister in law Dianne brought out some pictures of when she had a foot injury and had to wear a protective boot and also would you believe a picture of when my late mother in law Ruth also had a foot injury. What we discovered at that moment was we all hurt an ankle at the age of 49. What a quirky little coincidence that is. Dianne stepped in a hole at a WVU game and injured hers, Ruth stepped off a curb shopping and broke hers, and I fell gardening injuring mine.

My husbands family has always been so welcoming to me and this similarity is only a coincidence but I feel as if I have been initiated into some form of family sorority with this injury at 49. LOL I couldnt think of nicer ladies to be in a sorority with! Now what would we call it...hmm????

The shop on Saturday was extremely busy all day. There were our "regulars" as Norm on Cheers would say, you know the ones we recognizing, know by name, know what they like, colors they will pick, what project they are working on....and then a lot of brand new faces that came in because of the front page newspaper story that came out Friday evening. What a blessing that was! We met several new folks that we know will be back again and again and who knows they just may become regulars....

Today is my return visit to the orthopedic surgeon and I am hoping beyond hope that my injuries are healing as they are supposed to and minimal intervention will be needed to get me baack on my feet. But on a logical note, I have observed that the left foot and leg are losing muscle tone and the bruising and swelling still continues in the ankle. I have also felt the pain in the knee when I try to move it in a more normal way, so even though I am hopeful I know things arent quite right and there will possibly be surgery and more than probably physical therapy in the future. Ahh well I could have broken my back or neck when I fell then I would have had something to complain about wouldnt I?

I am hoping we can hold off any surgery for a little while as I am supposeed to ride with family to Hagerstown on cycles for the races there on July 26, and then the first weekend in August is a Girls Only trip to Amish country. So I have to be able to limp, crip, hobble, or some pseudo form of walking to get around and enjoy them.

On a more serious note please keep the Scantlins, Toneys, and Craig Kunselman in your prayers. I have been mentioning them in past blogs and they are still in need of prayers. I also ask that you pray for someone that has a silent prayer request too. God knows what they need.

I will close for now but I am looking forward to seeing all of you in the shop sometime soon!


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