Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blessings ! Blessings ! Blessings!

Wow Wow Wow! What an amazing blessing of a week in the shop it has been so far!!!The newspaper article has generated so much interest that we are selling so much stuff we will have to place orders this week just to restock! And our sidewalk sale has been a huge success, we have been clearing out some older merchandise to make room for more and our customers have really been helping us there!

We were absolutely slammed Tuesday with triple the normal days business, and Weds and today we have had more than double our normal business! We have had sooo many new people in that it is just awesome! And mixed in with that we have had many of our regulars Rebecca, Rachel, Tammy, Patti, Missy, etc... and some old faces Kori, Carol...we hadn't seen in awhile! Some folks have come from as far as Boone county because of the news article!

Yesterday Ron an old friend stopped by with some neat vintage stuff he found for us at a great price! And some more handmade birdhouses he has made! Today Patti a wonderful new friend we have gotten to know this year brought us a "van load" no exaggeration here...of silk flowers, ribbon, wire and etc to make floral arrangements with and get this she wont take a penny for them! God has so richly blessed me in this shop that no matter how many blogs I post I cant begin to give him the praise enough! Thanks to him for bringing us all these wonderful new friends!

Its just so amazing that everytime I get a wee bit concerned about a slow day or anything like that God so buries me in blessings that its a wonder I can carry them! I pray for a cup full and he fills the whole cupboard and runs it over!

Prayers Requested-

Today I heard from our dear friend Tina, we have missed her for the last couple weeks! She has been battling some health problems and we pray that the doctors be guided by God to heal her body! We send her much love and prayers! She is soooo awesome!

My sister Terry needs your prayers too! Her diabetes is not good at all and she also has had to start on medication for her thyroid too, so please keep her in your prayers! She is my right hand and I cant imagine not having her at my side!

Please pray for Tammy (dollmaker) and Terry (furniture guy) Conley's mom she is in the hospital with some intestinal problems and needs our prayers!

Thanks to all! See you soon!

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