Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday... Saturday... Saturday...

Today as I suspected it would be, was another great day in the shop! My nephew Drew was there to give me a hand most of the day and it was a busy one.

There were some old faces we hadn't seen in awhile and some new ones referred by other customers that stopped in to shop on their first visit today with promises when they left that they couldn't wait to come back!

Drew and I also made some time for some high dusting and some maintenance of the landscaping outside the shop. He is a great help with all the muscle work since he is much taller and stronger than his old auntie! LOL Its such a joy to have a 17 year old nephew that doesn't mind hanging with me and helping out!

I met some young new neighbors that have moved into my neighborhood and will be ordering some hand made furniture from me soon! I also took several orders today for special overhead candelabras, hooked rugs and curtains! I love filling orders for the perfect piece they have been looking for to compliment their home! Love it!

Kathy S and her adorable son were in today and she finally was able to buy that door bench she had been eyeballing for sometime now that they have closed on their new home and have room for it! I am so glad she finally got it I know how much she had been admiring it!

Folks stopped in today that were at the recent Toney/Hutchison wedding and complimented us again on the beautiful bouquet that sis made for the bride! Everyone loved it! I'm so glad our shop can fill that niche for local brides!

Tammy brought me some lil primitive rag cats, pigs and sheep today! I now have a cute basket full of those funny cats! You have to see them to appreciate them! They have such personality! And the lil fat pigs and sheep are to adorable!

Barbara stopped in to tell me she will soon be starting on her primitive Santa's and snowmen again! I cant wait to get my hands on them! My customers love them! And so do I!

Winfield Baptist Church Womens Mission Group brought us a batch of wonderful cookbooks we will be selling in the shop for them. Please stop in and purchase one. All proceeds go directly to the church!

Serious note-

Linda Scantlins daughter in law was in today and she shared with me that hospice has been called in to assist with Linda's care now and things aren't going well. I stopped by Linda's on my way home after closing the shop and she had been sleeping all day and was in the shower. I let them know I would come back later and slipped off. In the past I promised Linda I would get pictures of her home inside to share on the web. Most of her beloved home decor has come from the shop and she is very proud of her home and rightfully so. You should see the pergola loaded with hanging baskets on the side entry and the gazebo her husband built for her out back and that's just outside! Theirs a lot of love in that house. A lot of the pieces inside were handcrafted for her by one of the shops craftsmen and I will share the pics when I get them. Please say a prayer for Linda and her husband Glenn. Thanks be to God that they know him as their personal saviour and that when Linda leaves this place of pain she will arrive at a pain free home in heaven. Please remember her children, and grandchildren in your prayers also.

Today is my parents wedding anniversary. If I am counting correctly they were married 52 years today! The Lord has richly blessed them and we have always said they have a marriage like one in the storybooks!

Dad has been sick the last couple days so please put him in your prayers also. We would love to have him and Mom around to celebrate many more anniversary's!

I will close for now, have a blessed weekend! See you in the shop soon!

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