Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ah The Bounty.....

Have you ever seen anything so pretty? This is just what I picked from my small garden in one evening. It actually looks to good to eat!

Tomatoes, peppers of several kinds, and broccoli.

And these strawberry's! Its very hard to pick them to freeze for jam later and not just eat them all now!

If you could see my face you would know not all of them lasted to get their picture taken! ;)

Isn't it amazing what you can grow with your own two hands?? And the fact that I was unable to even work in my garden for over 30 days and I am still able to pick the veggies and fruit I am picking every other day is just mind boggling.

God is so good! And even in my shop I am able to "share in God's bounty." So many new customers have been in lately who have been referred by other customers....isn't that wonderful? It just keeps adding more new friends to our circle!!!!!

Today Tina was in and brought us more decorative painted items as well as handmade name tags! Within the next two weeks she will be bringing in some handmade pendants which we got a sneak preview of today! They were so beautiful that my sis and I both had to buy one for ourselves to wear now! Cant wait to share them with our customers when they come in! Go to her blog if you cant wait either! (Mine is picture to the left.) ;)

One of our furniture makers Terry C. was in today! He brought us two cabinets and two hand crafted tables all made from recycled barn wood! One was huge! Its a western step back cabinet! Its solid made very heavy and it will be awesome in someones home! It could hold pantry goods, china or just anything would look good in it! The other cabinet is a smaller chimney style cabinet with glass in the door and its just perfect for so many places in someones home! And the two tables??? Well they sold as soon as he took them off the truck so sorry folks you will have to wait until he makes more to hear about them! He sure makes some unique stuff that everyone has been talking about and carrying home! We are working on "primming out" a piece he also brought in recently, it is a takeoff on a vintage icebox. It is also made from the barn wood but it has some unique panels in the doors. I'm hoping we get it finished Thursday to put out in the shop! Its gonna be awesome!

A cousin of mine Kenny also was in today and brought us a very old antique wardrobe. It has the tiny little turned legs and the old mirrors on the doors that are still intact! It will be awesome for us to "prim out". It belonged to my elderly aunts late in laws and its a very nice piece of furniture. Cant wait to start on it!

We also have some other older pieces of furniture we will be working up in the near future and bringing into the shop! Keep checking in! You don't want to miss them!

We got our new order of Swan Creek candles in today and some are new fragrances we haven't stocked before! We are very excited about them! We are sure our customers will like them too.

Prayer requests-

Please put Danny Erlewine on your prayer list. He will be having knee replacement surgery this next Tuesday. He has been in a lot of pain for awhile and we hope for a speedy and pain free recovery.

Please put Terry C. on your prayer list. He had back surgery a few months ago and is still in rehab and it looks as though more surgery may be needed in the future.

Also put Terry and Tammy's mom Mrs. Conley on your prayer list. She is home from the hospital but still not back to 100%.

Linda Scantlin and JL Toney need to be kept on your prayer lists. Linda is still with us but heaven is calling. JL is fighting a good fight and is soon to be back in Boston for treatment if he isn't there already.

I wish you all a share of God's bounty! Love to all!

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Tina said...

Awwwww, thanks for the love my dear. You guys are always so encourageing and I'm glad you are on my team.
Love ya