Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mornings and Whining...

Ever have a morning like this??? I have had several lately. I havent had much uninterrupted sleep since my fall. The injured knee and ankle are hard to get comfortable and once I get comfortably positioned and cushioned between extra pillows and I fall asleep then during my sleep I move and then ouch Im awake and flopping around trying to get my knee and ankle comfortable all over again. Sigh...I know Im whining but sleep helps make every other part of my life so much better.

And along with this injury and the protective boot I am wearing comes an inability to drive my car. I learned to drive "two-footed" and I cant just drive with one foot and I certainly cant work the brake pedal with this heavy boot, that would be a catastrophe waiting to happen. Headlines read "Woman in Herman Munster Boot Drives Car over Hillside"... or something equally traumatic! :) eek....

Since I cant drive I have been riding with my hubby as he goes to work and he has been dropping me by my shop two hours earlier than usual. This is seriously cutting in to my beauty rest...and heaven knows I need all of that I can get!;) But I am grateful he can take me to work! And he has been running extra errands too bless his heart he will be equally glad when this is all over!

I tend to get a wee bit cranky when I dont get at least my 8 hours of sleep several days in a row, and you guessed it feeling cranky all ready this morning....sigh.... just need some rest. Today my husband is out of town so my sis is coming to pick me up. This did allow me some more sleep, yeah!!!! Now if I can just work in an afternoon nap I will be set!

Seems as I get older I require more sleep than I used to. I know for a fact that as a teen and young adult I probably didnt sleep more than 4 hours a night and functioned just fine. Or did I? hmmm...

Anyway enough of my whining......

Today should be another great day on the shop. It has been very busy all week with folks trying to decorate for the 4th and people just back from vacation trying to get ready for summer parties and such buying new curtains and decorations and other needfuls for their homes. Its such fun to help them find things they can enjoy in their homes!

My sis Terry finished up Leslies wedding bouquet yesterday and Leslie got a sneak peak. She and her sis Hannah were so excited. Leslie wanted to hug Terry but she had just come from the swimming pool and was still wet. Terry creates beautiful flowers and its awesome to see the reaction of the brides and their families when they are finished. She has a gift!

I have met customers from Arkansas, and Oregon both this week.We had to specially wrap their purchases to get them safely back home. And they assured me when they were back this way visiting family again they would be back. How nice is that?? Does that make the shop pseudo family??? I would like to think so.

We have several new customers this week and one in particular from Middlebourne who will be shopping every week she says! She is working on a long term assignment in my area and goes home only on the weekends and has a brand new home she is decorating. She says our prices and quality are better than the biggest shops in her area and she will be stocking up! Hoorah for us!

We have sold several handmade pieces this week and one of our local craftsmen Terry will be bringing in more items today too. He makes us some awesome pieces out of recycled barn wood. He has made benches, shelves, mirrors, planters shaped like wheelbarrows and wagons and more. All his items sell very well the workmanship is wonderful and the items are handmade one of a kind so customers are assured of having unique items no one else has in their home. I cant wait to see whats on his truck today.

Tina, decorative painter is supposed to be in the shop today with more of her consigned artwork! Always look forward to her visits and her artwork! She is truly a blessing to have as a friend and a gift to have as a consigner!

Tammy, primitive doll maker should be popping in this week with an old friend thats in town for a few days. The old friend grew up around here and moved away as a child. Havent seen her in years and am looking forward to it.

I will close for now with a request that you keep Linda Scantlin on your prayer list. Her sister Trish was in yesterday and she said Linda wasnt doing well at all. We love Linda and miss her daily visits in the shop but we also know she has a ticket for paradise when she leaves this earth. Although we will miss our friend we know their will be much celebrating when she reaches Heaven.

Keep her family in your hearts and prayers as well, most are saved but all are not and we pray they all get to know our Father so the chain wont be broken on the other side.

Have a marvelous day and see you soon!

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