Monday, July 14, 2008

Hallelujah, Yippee, Hooray, Amen, Yeehaw etc etc etc

HALLELUJAH!!!!!! Dont ya want to know how my orthopede appt went today huh huh huh dont ya???? Maybe I will keep you guessing a wee bit longer...... LOL

The doc says probably no surgery will be necessary in the future!!!!! Knee is healing, and ankle is doing well with some possible tears but healing well. Doc says I can start a wee bit at a time taking off my Herman Munster shoe and walking a few steps!!!! Oh man I have begun that already you ask? You betcha! I walked to the fridge for a celebratory bowl of ice cream and to the ladies room and back just wearing regular shoes! WOO HOO!!! It sure feels funny, my left foot, ankle and knee seem to have forgotten normal movement and they are very stiff and ackward....what a surprise after over 30 days in a protective boot right? DUH!!! I can see some muscle tone has been lost but with brief periods of walking without the support of the boot I should make small strides to get my normal motion back! Doc says he will followup with me in 30 days unless I have pain or any problems before then!

Wooooooo hoooo I am so thankful so very thankful that it doesnt look like I will need surgery! God is sooooo good! I had prepared myself to hear the worst today and it wasnt to be! What a marvelous surprise!

This means I can start driving my car again and maybe soon I can get back to gardening! Man that will be one tear jerking happy event I can just tell you now! There will be pictures to share of that monumental moment for sure!

Thanks to all my wonderful family and friends who have been calling and texting to check on me today after the appt, I love you guys! And thanks to the great healer for without his touch I wouldnt be celebrating this victory surgery free!

Love you all!

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Tina said...

Hi Debbie. What an awesome answer to prayer. I'm jumping for joy that soon you will be physically jumping for joy.
Hope to be in soon,
It's been quite a crazy few weeks.