Thursday, July 17, 2008

Return to the Garden :) - Tuesday at 7:00

Look at this picture closely....see my daughter working in my garden??? Look behind her see someone else in the garden with her? No its not my hubby helping her...look again...see red hair??? YES YES YES IT'S ME!!!!!!!!

I was able to hobble down to the garden Tuesday night for the first time in over a month with my daughters assistance!!! Then it took my hubby and daughterto help me back up the hill afterwards!

Oh man it felt sooo good to be back! I smiled so much I think I got bugs in my teeth!

My daughter is standing grinning at her stepdad while he is taking pics of my return to garden! I was almost giddy with being back! I was talking to myself and laughing at myself it was funny!!!

We spent most of the evening weeding and spreading straw under the tomatoes and vining plants and we had a ball!

We watered and picked and lost track of time we were having so much fun!

Here my daughter is applying miracle-gro to the garden after we weeded and spread the straw. Emmett the scarewcrow is watching her!

He is an excellent scarecrew, not one crow has been seen anywhere near the garden! ;)

Course we havent seen many crows in general in my area but hey ;) critters have been in the vicinity garden so I am crediting our crack security scarecrow with that honor!

This is just some of the bounty we picked while in the garden! Tomatoes, zucchini, baby squash, bell peppers green and purple, hot peppers, leaf lettuce, and some onions.

Yummy! Looks to pretty to eat! This bunch went home with my daughter in exchange for her labors!

You know theres a lot of love in the garden when the tomatoes start growing in the shape of a heart!

What a perfect example of my garden!!!!!

P.S. Yes thats a regular shoe you see on my left foot too! Not the old Herman Munster shoe anymore!!!!!

I will share more pictures on my next trek to the garden!

Much love from the garden!!!!


Tina said...

Debbie, I'm just thrilled to pieces to see you out there doing what you love. Hey, that tomato looks yummy. There's nothing like a fresh garden tomato, hmmmmm, hint hint.

See ya next week

Debbie said...

I would be more than happy to share my tomatoes with you my dear friend! After all you share your gifts with me!!!

Cant wait to see the pendants!

See you next week!