Friday, July 11, 2008

The Connection Was Broken

Wow, its good to be back! Our internet and phone service at home have been out the past four days and it has made me crazy! I didnt realize how much I use the internet until I couldnt access it. And the house has been so quiet in the evening without the phone ringing. But I'm back now!!!!

This week has been a good one in the shop and the weekend just promises to be even better! Today a story about our shop and a picture of my sis and myself came out on the front page of the local Kanawha/Putnam Ad Mailer newspaper. The story and pciture were great and we have had a lot of calls today alone from folks who saw the story and wanted directions to the shop. We also had at least 6 people in this afternoon that came because of the article that had never been in the shop. Thanks to Jack Herod for helping get that story published and for the nice picture. Jack is way more than the sales rep for the paper he is also our friend! We always look forward to seeing him in the shop!

Tomorrow we will be having a big sidewalk sale at the shop with alot of clearance items out front along with a lot of large ticket items drastically marked down inside the store for this one day only sale! Some large items will be as much as $100.00 off! It promises to be a busy day!

Saturday evening is also the big Toney-Hutchison wedding! We are all so excited for Leslie on her big day! We wish her and Thomas all the best! I am sure the day will be an emotional one for the family as JL (her dad) had another treatment for his mesothelioma this week! Keep him and his family in your prayers please!

Saw an old friend I hadnt seen for over 20 years yesterday! Cindy who was in town from Mississippi for the Toney wedding and she just suprised me by popping into my store. We sure shared a lot of hugs, tears and reminisces! We both had the blessing of growing up in loving familys in our small hometown of Eleanor here in WV. It was so nice to see her face and hear what she has been up to! God is in her smile! You have to love that!

Terry C. brought us a beautiful console table for the shop this week. He made it from recycled barnwood and planed and sanded it. It has three drawers and the workmanship is amazing! Everyone who has seen it has commented about it and several say on payday it will be gone! If I can get a picture before it sells I will try to share it with you.

Linda Scantlins sister in law was in this week and she says Linda isnt doing well at all. Im sure it wont be long until our friend leaves this impermanent home for her heavenly one! Keep her and the family in your prayers!

Wish me luck my orthopedic appt is monday afternoon and I am soo hoping they tell me good news about my knee and ankle! It would be so nice to be able to get back on both feet soon!

Love to all, See you soon,


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