Friday, November 21, 2008

100th Post-----Holy Moley

This is my 100th post folks! Can you believe it????
I am gonna get a gift together for a drawing to celebrate this momentous occasion, sigh, but haven't gotten it totally figured out yet!!!! Hey I'm cute but slow ok???
But I will come up with something neat from my shop so respond to this post to enter the drawing!!! I will let hubs pick the winner!
If you have been in the shop make a suggestion on what you think I ought to award, hey I'm not hard to get along with, but make it something easier to mail ok!
I'm slow maybe but not hard to get along with! :)

This is really nice since this momentous post will be pics of my beautiful grand baby Emmy that I took today while I was playing hooky from the shop!! I love my shop but playing with Emmy right now has to be one of Gods greatest gifts!!! Check out the pics below and see if you don't agree that she is a cutie...ohh and the silly novelty print shirt that says "Mini Pooper"she has on???? Yeah I bought it for her...I warned you people I wasn't totally normal a long time ago!!! Even the baby knows I'm a nut!!!

Isn't that the sweetest most mischievous face you have ever seen???
And my sepia touch up looks good on it I think.

Yep that's us on the floor as usual. We have Elmo sitting next to us he is one of her buddies!
They wrestle.

New toy... and it shoots a small bat mobile out so we have to keep putting it back together...over....and over....and but who could refuse that face????

Ok ok so she is a bucket head...hey her Grammy is a nut so why shouldn't some nuttiness be genetic...hmmmm????

Her daddy is working with her to develop her dunk shot I think, when she is old enough she will most probably be picked up by the Lady Mountaineers in college I am sure...then on to the Pro's!!!!

Doesn't this lil face just getcha right there???
She had just dug out one of her lil dolly's from the bottom of the toy box and was giving it such a squeeze just like she had missed it so much!!!
What a character she is!!!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Emmy is the best, would have been great to have had my grand daughter before I had my kids I think...It would have been so much less work and sooo much more fun!!!!


jenn said...

Yay, count me in for your 100th post! I still owe you a picture of my pretty hutch too. Taylor's birthday party is Sunday, so I will download them all at once! :-)


Trudy said...

Enter me for your 100th post giveaway, whatever it is!!!
That Emmy is a little angel, she is adorable, and its easy to see that her grandma adores her too!

I'm waiting on our first grandchild, Feb 7th and its a boy!

Wooly hugs,

Tina said...

Oh Deb, she makes me melt.
What a sweetheart.